Name Change

Recently, my friend, Myles, decided he was going to steal a letter from my name. Well, not steal, but trade. My name is Megan Snyder and his is Myles Strickler. Myles thinks his name looks cooler when his last name is spelled with a ‘y’ and frankly, I think it does. Since “Myles Stryckler” took my ‘y’, he gave me the ‘i’ in his name, thus changing my name to “Megan Snider.” I think that makes my name looked squished, so it was changed yet again. This time the spelling became “Meganne Snider.” And that got me thinking. If you could, would you change the spelling of your name, even if the only reason was to make your John Hannock look cooler? Would you change it to make it shorter/more efficient? I want to know.

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