Top 5 Reasons not to procrastinate

5. You have a tendency to steal other people’s ideas (I think there’s another list on here with the same title).
4. It makes you seem irresponsible, even if you are not.
3. You have to spend time inside typing blog posts, when you could be outside having fun on Memorial Day (not that blog posts aren’t fun).
2. It makes you feel all bad inside.
1. The final product is often not as good as it could have been if you’d worked on it ahead of time.

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2 Responses to Top 5 Reasons not to procrastinate

  1. Jake says:

    5. Haven’t seen any of this on the site; might have to do with the dearth of ideas.
    4. Check out the Teen Takeover archives. The site is pathetic compared to how it used to be.
    3. Maybe if you didn’t put it off until the end of the month…
    2. You should.
    1. It isn’t.

  2. Andrew Patterson says:

    Still as immensely condescending as ever, Jake.
    I’m sure the next wave of “teen take-over” staffers will be more in line with your standards of intellectualism.
    It is rather unfortunate, however, that your home-school education did not provide you with the proper manners of engaging with people. But then again, this is the internet, where everyone is a tough guy, or in your case, an unmatched scholar of incredible intellect.

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