My 50 Favorite Albums of the 1990’s 45-41

45. “Check Your Head” by Beastie Boys – It’s got “So What’cha Want” and 19 other songs you’ve probably never heard before. But they aren’t bad songs. The whole album is surprisingly consistent.
44. “Pale Folklore” by Agalloch – Agalloch are a folk metal band, which is awesome. The vocals are a bit growly at times, but everything else about this albums is great.
43. “Bílé Inferno” by Iva Bittová & Vladimír Václavek – Iva Bittová provides pretty vocals, and Vladimír Václavek plays a bunch of classical instruments. They form together into one album of avant-folk greatness.
42. “Pinkerton” by Weezer – “Pinkerton” is the “Blue Album”‘s darker younger brother. This album is surprisingly deep for how simple and childlike Weezer is.
41. “Let Love In” by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – Nick Cave has a deep voice, and the whole album has a whole lot of style. Cave lets his soul drip out of your speakers.

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One Response to My 50 Favorite Albums of the 1990’s 45-41

  1. Sue says:

    “Pinkerton” is my favorite Weezer album hands down. I still rock out to it on my drive to work in the morning.

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