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Hello, my name is Bria Topper. I will be a junior at Spring Grove this coming year.
Life for me is demonstrated through music, art, photography, German, and writing.
I like being crazy and extroverted but I can be very inward at times. There’s no doubt I will surprise you.
I’m pretty passionate about animal rights. I was vegetarian for 6 months then made the transition over to veganism. I’ve been vegan for about two and a half months now.
I write to a few pen pals that span the globe. I trust them with many secrets that my closest friends don’t know. It’s quite freeing.
I keep my camera on me 24/7 in case of a

picture worthy moment. I’m starting to get back into film photography again. Keep your eyes open for that.
Music keeps me sane, at least for the most part. I like many different types of music, for example: post hardcore, math rock, ambient, indie, punk, synthpop, folk, alternative, and trance. I will never be able to pick a favorite artist/band because each is too unique to compare to another.
I dabble a little bit on the guitar but mostly sing.
I’m starting to buy vinyl records, which is pretty exciting. I just got The Mama’s and The Papa’s the other day for three dollars. Definite win.
I love going on drives, acoustic sessions in cars or empty parking lots, going to the lake, and laying in bed all day.
Speaking German is a big deal to me. I’m in my fourth year of the language and I plan to continue taking it till I graduate. You’ll find that I slip a couple sentences of German into regular conversation.
Body Modifications are beautiful to me. This includes: tattoos, piercings, and scarifications. I have all my tattoos planned out and will be getting them as soon as possible. I could go on all day about them so it’s probably in your best interest not to ask me about it. However, if you really want to know, ask.
I hope to live in Philadelphia when I graduate and go to an art school there for a photography degree. I love cities because of the different cultures and people. Crime doesn’t mean much to me; the beauty of the city captures my attention.
I have so many things that I want to do in my life; so much that I don’t know how I’m going to get them done. I’d love to be an urban anthropologist, a librarian, a vegan restaurant owner, and a singer. It’s never too bad to aim high in life.
I enjoy The Office, Tosh.0, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kenny vs.Spenny, The Soup, and most VH1 shows. Yeah, I like trashy TV. Sorry.
Gone but not out,
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About Bria Topper

I'm a writer, blogger, and photographer. Books, music, and good food keep me sane.
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