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Aaron Carter’s only contribution to society

I recently received one of my own possessions as a gift. This happens more often than you might think. I had forgotten a friend had my flashdrive until she handed it back to me along with a birthday card. This … Continue reading

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Night at the Beach

The beach is spectacular at night with the moon illuminating a path along the water, giving the whole experience an enchanted feeling.

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What’s Next?

Apple recently sent out invitations for a “media event” to be held tomorrow, September 1. So what could Apple be releasing now? Here are some possibilities. 1. A new Nano? Rumors have been flying around the way that they do … Continue reading

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Overlooking the little things

So i was driving my two neighbors and myself to our fourth day of school this morning. I take a back road on the way because i think its faster (little creek rd.). well at the end of the road … Continue reading

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Diary of a Chipmunk-the end!

As my mouth continues to heal, my time as a “chipmunk” draws to a close. Thankfully, the puffy cheeks continue to reduce dramatically so that it now appears that my face has simply gained several pounds. That reminds me, my … Continue reading

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Visiting a Nursing Home

Recently, I visited a nursing home with some kids from my church! Before my visit I would not have been overly excited to go sit with a “bunch of old people,” but after being with the elderly for a short … Continue reading

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Locks of Love

I just returned home from getting my hair chopped off. It went from halfway down by back to not even reaching my neck. However, I can console myself with the thought that it was for a good cause. Many probably already … Continue reading

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Storming at the Beach?

When it’s storming out, and you’re at the beach, what can you do but sit inside all day doing nothing? Well, for one if you are with a group of people, games such as Monopoly and Risk are a great … Continue reading

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Diary of a Chipmunk-day two

Well I’ve successfully made it through day two with only minor swelling and a whole lot of Ibuprofen! I’m glad to report that the pain is rapidly decreasing (if only my cheeks would do the same!) My diet now consists … Continue reading

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Diary of a Chipmunk-day one

Today marks the first of several guilt free days of ice cream and popsicle binges, lounging in jammies and hours of mindless internet surfing. What’s the occasion? This morning I traded in my wisdom teeth for four slits in my … Continue reading

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