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Thank You Nat’l Geo

Clicking around one of my favorite websites, ( I discovered the Best Underwater Views of 2010…thought I’d share. I mean, who doesn’t love to flip through those unfathomable shots of coral reefs, African children, and cheetahs chasing down a gazelle? … Continue reading

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A Football Adventure

A few weeks ago, I went to my first ever professional football game– the Philadelphia Eagles at the Washington Redskins’ FedEx Field. My dad had been given two club level tickets from a friend and so we headed off to … Continue reading

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The Beach in the Winter

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my family went to the Jersey Shore for a couple of relaxing days at the beach. This trip didn’t include any swimming, or other summer beach activities. We did brave the cold and go on a … Continue reading

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Food and Family

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! I know I did — I still feel stuffed! This year, instead of staying home, I went to New York to spend Thanksgiving with my mom’s family. She has a huge family and … Continue reading

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Making the Bed

Finally I made my bed. It’s a grand total of six-and-a-half inches, yet it took me a year to make. This bed is for the mother and father of my dollhouse family. After almost gluing my hands together with spray-on … Continue reading

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Only Another Four Years

Christmas morning of 2006, I opened a big box to find an unassembled doll house. I would be able to design it however I wanted, I was so excited! Now, four years later, that doll house is still sitting in … Continue reading

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Inception, Debated

No doubt those of you who saw “Inception” this past July obsessively debated the famed question “Did the top drop?” Wired Magazine’s Robert Capps and Patrick Di Justo have raised more questions than this in their brief called “Inception, Explained.” … Continue reading

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School…Can be boring. Doing nothing…Even more so.

I have to admit it, already I’m bored without school. Yes, it’s good to get some sleep, and not have to do anything, but at the same time I’m bored out of my mind! Believe it or not, I actually … Continue reading

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Christmas Lights

Sitting in a house with Christmas lights decorating the entire yard and lighting up the house, I often wonder why people don’t stop or even slow down while they’re driving by to take in the wonder of these lights once … Continue reading

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Band Bummer

OK, so our middle school (Southern Middle School)’s band, orchestra and chorus were supposed to go to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Md., in May to play a concert. However, thanks to having less than half the entire band signing … Continue reading

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