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A couple of days ago I went snowboarding at Roundtop Mountain. The wind that day had gusts that reached up to 50 mph. More than once when I was flying down a trail, a wind gust would slow me almost … Continue reading

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New Year’s in York

I cannot stand the constant cries of “What are we going to do tonight? Oh wait- we live in York, so nothing” and the nods of agreement, which are ever-present at my high school. I usually stick up for York. … Continue reading

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True Grit

Joel and Ethan Cohen’s latest film, “True Grit,” opened in theaters on December 22 and in its first week grossed over $55 million. Not bad for a remake of an old John Wayne movie. “True Grit” is based Charles Portis’s … Continue reading

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A Year in Review: Well…Really Just Early September

This is a bit of a blast from the past for me – blogging on TTO – since I’ve been off the staff since last June, but you know the deal – college called, and I had to answer! I … Continue reading

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Car Commercials…Bluh! E*TRADE Commercials Good!

Car commercials have taken over the world…well at least Sunday afternoons. As an avid football fan, I find nothing more intolerable than commercials. They interrupt the flow of the game and take me away from the action, car commercials being … Continue reading

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Cameroon to America

At first glance, Daniela Ngounou seems like an average American teenager. The West York High School freshman enjoys playing soccer, math and spending time with her friends and family. But if you dig a little deeper, you find that she … Continue reading

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Twilight Zone reborn

Break. A time for family, movie nights with friends and of course mindless YouTube surfing. Recently, I came across a channel known as Black Box Tv. The best way to describe this series of videos is that they bear an … Continue reading

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Goodbye, hair.

For a few weeks I had contemplated changing my look, more specifically my hair. The thing about hair is that, unlike a new pair of shoes or a dab of lipstick, it’s kind of permanent. Yes, it grows, but not … Continue reading

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The Beach House of Coffee Drinks

I enjoy coffee. I have a friend who once called me a caffeine addict if that’s any indication, and my tumblr URL even contains the title. I’m not quite cool enough to drink the dirt that is black coffee or … Continue reading

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A little tardy, my apologies!

Unpacking and doing laundry from Vermont plus not knowing what day it is because of break has had me a little behind on things, so I’m sorry for the belated playlist for this week! To make up for it, here‘s … Continue reading

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