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The Secret to Failure is…

British television. It will be the death of me. The only good thing about basic cable is that it lacks BBC and I can use the time it takes to load my new darlings online to do something productive. Or … Continue reading

Posted in TV Reviews | Comments Off on The Secret to Failure is… A Place For All Those Quirky Ideas That Just Might Work is a great site if you are looking for something that is invented by someone like you. Many people go to and add their input or even upload the idea for an actual invention. It is a great … Continue reading

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What Will Apple Release This Time?

So what’s next for Apple? They have iPods, iPads, Apple TVs, iPhones, iMacs, Mac Minis, MacBooks, MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs and just about anything electronic anyone would ever want. Recently, Apple has released quite a few incredible new items. So … Continue reading

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The Nominees Are Announced

On Jan. 25, the nominees for the 83rd Academy Awards were announced. Best Picture has 10 nominees again. As of now, I’ve seen half of them. Earlier this year, I watched “Inception,” “The Social Network,” and “Toy Story 3,” all … Continue reading

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Best of 2010: Personal

To round out my Best of 2010 series, I figured I should include a Top 5 for myself. These are the top 5 things to happen to me in 2010. 5. First Article in the Paper Seeing your name in … Continue reading

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With all the splendor of the highest heaven That circle which does stand for all that’s life On every night around the time of seven For a moment or two will remove you away from all strife Casting breathtaking rays … Continue reading

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Sunny Music Monday

If you’ve read my past posts, you know that I’m not the fondest of snow. So this week’s Music Monday is full of upbeat, summer tunes to get you out of the dreaded winter mode. Enjoy! 1. I’m Gonna Make … Continue reading

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Common Application not as common as you might think

I just finished the first hurdle on my road to becoming a college student. I successfully applied to the colleges I would like to attend. At first, I was excited about applying to college, and I wanted to finish the … Continue reading

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30 Day Challenge on Facebook

I was viewing my news feed recently and noticed that most of my friends were doing the “30 Day Challenge.” It is a photo game, where you have to add a photo every day and have a demand each day. … Continue reading

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Believe it or not, days off are necessary

Yesterday Central York High School had off due to horrible snow and unsafe roads. That day, I heard students say that they were pleased to have a day off, while I heard adults saying that it was unnecessary. It was … Continue reading

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