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The new sound in music

Today was our neighborhood yard sale and, as you can see, I bought a record player and a few records. The player, speakers and records cost me less than $7. I’ve been looking for a record player at yard sales … Continue reading

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Spring is Finally Here! Wait, No, Nevermind…

Finally, after a long winter, the warm weather is here to stay! I think. This has been the most undecided spring I’ve ever seen. One day, bright sunny skies and cool breezes promote shorts and T-shirts as the perfect attire. … Continue reading

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Source Code

“Source Code“, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Colter Stevens, is a mystery sci-fi thriller about a soldier, Stevens, wounded while serving in the Army, who is sent into the “source code” to find out who bombed a Chicago commuter train and … Continue reading

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The night is black, the rain pours down in torrents along the craggy coast. A castle high on a cliff stands sentinel over the heaving sea below. A black sedan drives along a twisting, narrow road away from the castle, … Continue reading

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I’ve now seen every Rob Zombie film

Ever since I first heard White Zombie’s “Black Sunshine,” I’ve looked at Rob Zombie with adoration. In my opinion, he’s an excellent singer. However, that’s not what this is about. I was hesitant when I heard that Zombie was going … Continue reading

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Poem: If I wanted to go over the rainbow, I’d stand under a tornado

By REBECCA LEASE, Central York High School Your colors hurt my eyes. I live in a world of muddled grays by choice, not design. I did not sit and paint myself in, but this I found and this I keep. … Continue reading

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Give the iPad2 a test drive

Reviewed by GABE RYAN, home-schooled During the iPad 2 keynote speech, Steve Jobs reported that between April and December 2010, Apple sold 15 million iPads and made more than $9.5 billion. Jobs also said, “Many have said this (the iPad) … Continue reading

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Purity rings signify a promise

Reviewed by MELISSA FUTRELL, Susquehannock High School Although purity rings are not totally uncommon in today’s society, there are still many questions about what they symbolize. First, a purity ring can be purchased and worn by anyone who is willing … Continue reading

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Short story: Grandmothers know best

By BARBARA CROSS, Spring Grove Area High School Grandmothers have a way of knowing things. There they sit in their rockers knitting away as if nothing ever entered their peaceful world except knit two, purl two. Their silver hair knotted … Continue reading

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Bob Taylor’s ‘Guitar Lessons’ is an insightful read

Reviewed by SCOTT MOKRIS, home-schooled Taylor Guitars are a part of our family. They are great guitars, whether acoustic or electric. They are so familiar in our house that, when my mother was reading to my little brother and asked … Continue reading

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