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Doctor Who!?

Many of my friends love the British TV show called “Doctor Who.” No, I take that back, they are obsessed with it. Many times they have tried to explain to me what makes this BBC show so amazing. I am … Continue reading

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Hersheypark Talk

Last Friday I spent the day at Hersheypark, riding rollercoasters until the park closed. I had a ton of fun, but it left me wondering — what is Hersheypark planning next? Rumors of a new attraction as well as an … Continue reading

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Music stirs within my heart

By BRANDON GOOD, home-schooled I sit Alone beneath this tree No hope for me that I can see The world for me will end tonight I wish that all could have been right I sit alone beneath this tree And … Continue reading

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Wake up to inspiring music

By MELISSA FUTRELL, Susquehannock High School Every morning, I know I must wake up, get dressed, fix my hair, etc., but instead, I often feel like plopping on my bed and going back to sleep. Unfortunately, this is not really … Continue reading

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100 Blog Posts!

This is my 100th blog post on the Teen Takeover blog. Because of that, I am not going to actually write anything. I would just like to say that I have enjoyed blogging for the Teen Takeover staff over the … Continue reading

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Does being cute make you a bad feminist?

I was scrolling through blog posts that are tagged as twee, which describes my favorite music genre/subculture but is also British slang for cute, and stumbled upon an interesting argument. It was a battle between bloggers with three female contestants. … Continue reading

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Why Fred?

After finding “Smart Water,” I now look for the different kinds of bottled water in the stores. Some of them seem rather normal, while others are very strange. One of those strange waters is “Fred” water. Besides its funny name, … Continue reading

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First Day of Driver Training

I woke up earlier than I needed to, got ready much faster than expected and let myself sit around longer than is appropriate. It basically feels like the first day of a new school year. In reality, it is less … Continue reading

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Cleaning Bedroom = Pointless Chore

All right! Although this might seem like a rather pointless rant to some, I find that there will be many of you who will agree with me. Cleaning your bedroom is an unnecessary chore! I mean, it’s just going to … Continue reading

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One word: Astounding

I just got home from seeing the newest X-men film, “X-men: First Class.” While having me on the edge of my seat the entire time, the whole movie really drew me in. I really liked everything, from cinematography to the … Continue reading

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