Does being cute make you a bad feminist?

I was scrolling through blog posts that are tagged as twee, which describes my favorite music genre/subculture but is also British slang for cute, and stumbled upon an interesting argument. It was a battle between bloggers with three female contestants.
The first woman poses the argument that the recent upswing in cutesy fashion, as well as childish interests like video games or cupcake shops, is actually a way that women are reverting to a childish state to appeal to men. She decided that wearing rompers and listing kittens as an interest on your online dating profile is a ploy to make yourself seem less intimidating.
The next woman, who’s photo happened to be used in the previous post without credit, runs a blog all about cute things such as driving across the country in a Winebago or going out for fro-yo. Of course, this woman did not appreciate being type-casted as a male-pleasing, juvenile-wanna-be. She argued that wearing skirts and sewing stuffed animals doesn’t mean you’re not a med student in their residency. Having cute interests does not mean you’re not equally empowered as a woman who wears slacks and is in a book club.
The final woman ties up the points of both women in what I see as a positive and logical manner. She states that the battles in feminism have recently not been against men but against fellow women. Deciding who a true feminist is, what she does, wears and looks like, is impossible. The final woman makes a great point in saying that a stay-at-home mom can be just as empowered as a woman who works at a law firm, and that feminists should be focusing on bringing all women up as opposed to putting them down.
So this is a message for all girls and women to be more positive — enjoy cupcakes AND book clubs.

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