And a new member springs from the ground…

maddy.jpg It is me, Madeleine Nesbitt. After being plagued with a lack of Internet for a week, I’m alive and ready to tell you a bit about myself, such as the fact that I went to the aquarium with a fake mustache on. All right, are you ready? Let the whirl pool spin, then.
First, a bit on music. I am not an instrument person. Go ask my fourth-grade cello. However, I do like listening to music. Recently I discovered French pop, and let me tell you, it is awesome. Check out “Safari Disco Club” by Yelle. I also like Korean pop and Japanese pop and indie music. Now, to completely change the topic, let me talk about books. I enjoy reading classics, though I usually have to re-read every classic I pick up, because I tend to miss a lot of details. Personally, I am a Jane Austen girl because I like the strong heroines, and who doesn’t like to be caught in love a few times? Additionally, though this can result in cliche-ing by many people, I am a hardcore Harry Potter fan, midnight viewings and all that. Right now I’m still desperately trying to get through “The Two Towers” rather unsuccessfully.
Shall we turn away from books now? I’m ready to give you a bit of information about my personal tastes in fashion and food. Fashion first, I guess. I like to wear black lipstick, pikachu shirts and frilly pink skirts that go down to my knees, along with many other things (such as arm warmers), but don’t mistake me for any fashion stereotype. I can be a granny character one day, and an anime/Japan crazy fan the next. It’s fun to do wacky things like that sometimes, don’t you think? Food is nice, too. I will try a lot of new foods, just not sheep eyeballs. My favorite foods are sushi and fish and chips. I also love pocky sticks, except for the fact that they melt in summer, since they’re cracker sticks covered in chocolate. Sticking them in the freezer would be a good idea.
Now I’ll address one more thing: my love of writing. I love to write poetry and short stories, and even reports and opinion pieces are better than nothing, because I can really describe things and use words like “bodacious” and “twee” instead of “big” and “cute”. To close this curious description of my character, I’ll write a poem.
Now it’s time to say goodbye,
For my grandmum’s waiting with a pie!
I didn’t say it would be long, did I?

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