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What Next for Apple?

Three days ago the world was saddened to hear that Steve Jobs, revolutionary co-founder of Apple Inc., officially retired from his long held position as CEO. He leaves in his wake a trail of incredible inventions unlike anything the world … Continue reading

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David and Lisa

Would you like to see a great show this weekend? Go see “David and Lisa” at DreamWrights Youth and Family Theatre. Phil Rooney and Danielle Distefano are terrific as David and Lisa, two mentally disturbed teens who find each other … Continue reading

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One week down

I’ve been a senior for one week now, and let me say, it’s been interesting. It’s so unusual to not see my friends around because they’ve either moved or are in college. But, I’m learning to meet more people so … Continue reading

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On the Northern Sky

On the Northern Sky The stars that shine And in the night’s serenity, Repine For what is lost May never be regained And what is found Is never quite the same.

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Freshman Day

Of course I have no idea what other schools do for their first day. But for my two years at Southern Middle, there was one approach and one approach only: pack all the students into a gymnasium and make them do ridiculous, … Continue reading

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Wait…so we aren’t being bombed?

At approximately 1:52 on August 23, 2011, the Chinese bombed York, PA and some surrounding areas. It all started when a young woman named Julia Hlavacik was sleeping on a swing on her porch. She had a dream that the … Continue reading

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Thank You, Irene

Someone should tell Irene that it is not Christmas yet.  She left me the gift of a tree in my ceiling.

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Horse Show vs. Irene

As I am getting on my horse in the drenching rain and the wind, I recall listening to the radio 5 hours ago. “Stay inside and don’t even think about traveling this afternoon or tomorrow, Irene is going to hit … Continue reading

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A Debbie Downer Day

Today wasn’t the best. I’ll admit I was a huge Debbie downer and had this explainable want to be grumpy at everything. On the drive to my grandparents I decided to tune out the world, and put my iPod to shuffle, knowing … Continue reading

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iPhone Addiction

When I say that I am addicted to my iPhone, it’s a bit of an understatement. Now, please don’t be so quick to judge and automatically label me as one of “those iPhone people.” I used to be just like … Continue reading

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