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The last page

Here it is, folks, the last page of the Internet, complete with an incisive message to brighten your day.

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The abominable bell-ringer

Our school decided that to create consistency in every class, each lesson will start with a “bell-ringer” and close with a “closure” activity.  To prevent mass confusion and disorientation, teachers are commanded to use these terms. That’s right, folks.  No … Continue reading

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What to find at the York Emporium

By JAY YEAPLE, Commonwealth Connections Academy Where else can you find movies, vinyl records, political-campaign buttons from the past several decades, medieval helmets, swords, a guitar made from an old cigar box, war documents, paintings, posters, collections of “Star Wars” … Continue reading

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Spooky Take 5

By PAIGE BENJAMIN, Central York High School As Halloween quickly approaches, get out of the house and embrace the breathtakingly colorful leaves, chilly air and all of the festive fall activities York has to offer. 1. Halloween Park: Forget the … Continue reading

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St. Ives, a brand you can trust

By ANNIE KURZ, William Penn Senior High School Like most teens, I struggle with finding a face soap that works well, keeping my face hydrated and feeling clean. After trying at least five different soaps, I think I’ve found the … Continue reading

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The Orange and the Grape

The orange is like Mercury, Big, round and hard. The grape is like Pluto, Petite and gentle among the stars. – The orange is like a baseball, Ready to be thrown. The grape is like a marble, Sitting all alone.

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The Fisherman’s Ballad

There lived a man along a creek Who lived a simple life. For breakfast he would jam his toast With fingers, not a knife. – Then he would march right out the door And step upon a stone; The same … Continue reading

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Google+ another way to waste time?

Google is trying to break into the social networking craze with their own version of Facebook—Google +. I created an account on Google + and perused through all of its very white pages.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I … Continue reading

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The Wind in the Willows

When I was little, my favorite book was Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows. I would read it to myself again and again on my family’s old couch. I am NOT trying to invoke nostalgia or sentiment here, believe … Continue reading

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50 (Count ’em, 50)

Now, I don’t know anything about politics, and my sense of astronomy isn’t any less apalling, but it looks like to me that cancelling the space program is the best thing that could ever happen to NASA.  They seem to be a lot … Continue reading

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