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The Water Cycle

The water falls from high up in the sky, It comes down in the shape of little drops, Then hits the ground and takes away the dry. – Upon its arrival it will make plops, Until it looks back up … Continue reading

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Halloween Night

After fumbling around for a few seconds with the trick-or-treating bags, Chris finally managed to free a hand to open the door in front of him. Stepping through the doorway, he found himself standing on the front porch of his … Continue reading

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A Mad Halloween Party

The characters in this story are fictional. They are nonexistent. Any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental. Why? Do you see yourself in them, you cannibal? “Have some more blood, Declan,” Joyce MacPhillimey said in her husky voice. She … Continue reading

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Expulsion from Johns Hopkins: Part One

By RAY CWIKLINSKI, York Catholic High School One warm afternoon in Baltimore, Mia Kaczynski was sitting on the balcony of her permanent residence at the Holiday Inn. Her boyfriend, Rainne Nugent, joined her, as they gorged on McDonald’s and bemoaned … Continue reading

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Costuming on a budget

Still don’t have a costume for Halloween? There’s still hope for a quick fix without breaking the bank. 1. Check out Goodwill and thrift shops for old clothes that can be cut up and made into something different. 2. Swap … Continue reading

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Across the Universe

While listening to the Beatles song, Across the Universe, this came to mind. Link to the song- Driving into the sunlight, The glare in your eyes. Wispy clouds dusting the sky. Pinks and oranges strewn across the horizon, Like watercolor … Continue reading

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Music is more than sound

I think it’s essential to listen to many different kinds of music.  People who just stick to their favorite kind are missing out on different perspectives and feelings.  I especially feel for those who let radio stations determine what they … Continue reading

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Yum…Ezekiel bars!

What costs $7, contains “certified organic grains,” and is a “food for life”? That’s right, kids!  Ezekiel 4:9 cereal! “As described in the Holy Scriptures,” the box reads, “‘Take also unto thee wheat and barley and beans and lentils and … Continue reading

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Time flies

It’s still hard for me to believe that this is going to be my last October spent in York for, most likely, the rest of my life. This time next year, I will hopefully be at college…far, far away from … Continue reading

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I Come From the Land of the Ice and Snow, From the Midnight Sun Where the Hot Springs Blow

        Today when I woke up, it was snowing. It snowed for most of the day. It still is snowing right this minute as I type this at dusk. And what month is it? It’s not even November. The roads are … Continue reading

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