I Come From the Land of the Ice and Snow, From the Midnight Sun Where the Hot Springs Blow

        Today when I woke up, it was snowing. It snowed for most of the day. It still is snowing right this minute as I type this at dusk. And what month is it? It’s not even November. The roads are in ruins, and the power went out, and I expect it will go out again soon. There is no heat inside this house.

         Anyone see that stupid movie The Day After Tomorrow? The one when global warming paradoxically starts an ice age? That’s what it’s like out there, with all the snow whooshing around and the slush up to my ankles.

          Two more days until Halloween, everyone’s favorite holiday. It will be a white Halloween, the first one I’ve ever experienced. I can only imagine what December will bring. Fortunately I will be able to go outside tomorrow and make snow goons. Don’t judge.

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