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5 things to do instead of watching the Super Bowl

Apparently we’re hosting a Super Bowl party next weekend. Yeah, I didn’t know either. Luckily for me, I have plans to keep myself occupied while everyone else is watching the game. 1. Fun with trail mix: There’s been a bag … Continue reading

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A double-wedding day

There are about 52 weeks in a year, which means there about 52 Saturdays in a year.  On any given one of these Saturdays, a person could hold a wedding.  So why do my youth pastor’s wedding and my cousin’s … Continue reading

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Flight of the ‘Angry Birds’

By GABE RYAN, home-schooled How can the birds make catapults? How do the pigs build such annoyingly strong structures? I have no idea, but that’s not what matters. Practically no one questions the sanity of the creator.

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Friday Nights at the New Freedom Community Center

There’s a long and short version of why I’m at Family Game Night on Friday, 20th of January. The short version is that a friend invited me. The long version is that when the New Freedom Thinkeruppers thought up this event, they … Continue reading

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Check out Burberry Acoustic

If you’re into folksy, acoustic music, with a bit of indie, then your should definitely check out Burberry Acoustic on YouTube. Burberry Acoustic is a collaboration between the well known designer, Burberry, and young British bands. The bands are selected by Christopher … Continue reading

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Enough. Is. Enough. JcPenny seems to think so, which is why they are changing the way they do their pricing and making it easier for consumers to get a good deal. It is a new year and JCP stores have decided to … Continue reading

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A heartwarming and heartbreaking story about a boy, a chimp and their family

By CARSON JENKINS, home-schooled After reading “Half Brother” by Canadian author Kenneth Oppel, I was quick to label it as a favorite book of mine and a must read. The book is a historical fiction geared toward young adults, though … Continue reading

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Not your average horror story

By PAIGE BENJAMIN, Central York High School “American Horror Story,” FX’s innovative new series, is causing controversy, cult followings and heated discussions all across America. AHS, the abbreviation coined by the show’s many dedicated fans, has reshaped cable television dramas … Continue reading

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Awesome musician!

Check out this amazing young Australian, musician, Kate Miller-Heidke. She has an incredible voice and some very funny songs! Her latest albums are, Curiouser (released in 2010) and Liberty Bell (released in 2011). Both albums are awesome and each has … Continue reading

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When to use Wen

So I am very well known for my overly curly hair, it is so bad sometimes that all I want to do is put it in a bun and call it a day. After watching so many cheesy infomercials about … Continue reading

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