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Love? (Poetry)

I think I am in love. Or am I just in love, with the idea of being in love? Do I love the idea of loving so much, that I am not really in love, but just loving the idea … Continue reading

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His wife

Powerless in sweat and skin a robbed and weak woman takes blows of blood and diamonds. Behind black honeyed whispers petals are felt like knives. She needs a sleeping symphony waxing with the moon. Ache is a language of white … Continue reading

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Packed auditoriums, rock concerts, and virtual preachers

The room throbbed with the sounds of conversation, laughter, and Christian rock.  It was so full that church staff were lining up all the spare chairs in the back to accommodate more churchgoers.  It was opening day at Lives Changed By Christ … Continue reading

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On Wallowing Alone in our Respective Pits of Despair.

I haven’t precisely been doing this lately, but I’ve gotten pretty close.  Recently, one of my friends attempted to commit suicide.  It was a big shock to me, as well as many of my classmates.  This event had a huge … Continue reading

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The Hype About the Hunger Games

For the past few months, if you heard teens talking about movies, they were most likely talking about the “Hunger Games.” The “Hunger Games,” written by Suzanne Collins, is one of a trilogy of very popular books.  I, like many … Continue reading

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Pogopalooza 9

Pogo sticking, in the past few years, has gone from simple bouncing to an extreme sport. This new sport has been spreading across the world like wildfire with extreme pogo stickers hopping into the scene from America, Canada, England, Australia, … Continue reading

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First Impressions

So last weekend, I visited Loyola University in Baltimore during open house. This is my first college visit. There were all these old stone buildings scattered around there, very medieval looking even though it was founded in the 1850s. The … Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Positively GUSHING

It’s Thursday right now. 11:50 p.m. I’ve just finished all of my official homework and am proceeding to do this. Yay! I say that truthfully, but there must be a warning: This post will probably be a bit of a limbo. I don’t have … Continue reading

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Ghost Story Part 3

This is a small project that I started a few months ago and stopped due to being busy with other things at the time. I’ll post another page every week on Wednesdays, since it’s the day of the week when I don’t … Continue reading

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Night in Creston City Hospital

By JAY YEAPLE, Commonwealth Connections Academy There was a temporary silence throughout the desolate hallways of the Creston City Hospital. It had become menacingly dark outside, and no outside lights could be seen. Very few of the ceiling lights worked, … Continue reading

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