Love? (Poetry)

I think I am in love.

Or am I just in love,

with the idea of being in love?

Do I love the idea of loving

so much, that I am not really in love,

but just loving the idea of love?


What if, who I think I love

doesn’t act like he loves me?

Should I still love him,

or should I not love him because

I don’t know if he loves me.

He really does love me,

but I do not know it

and he does not show it.


So I stop acting like I love him

because I am not sure if he loves me.

When he sees that I have stopped

acting like I love him,

he stops loving me,

even though I still love him.

Or do I?

About Kristen Shipley

I Love Family, Friends, Food...Oh And Fashion Too =]
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One Response to Love? (Poetry)

  1. Annie says:

    Really cool poem!

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