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Procrastination and the Board Game Convention

September stories are due tomorrow. I am telling you this because it is possible that you, not unlike me, were previously unaware; not only have I not written an article, I haven’t signed up, and didn’t even think I had … Continue reading

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Adam, Eve and the dinosaurs

If you have had any exposure to religion of the Judeo-Christian variety, you are probably familiar with the story of creation as told in Genesis. As well, if you have had any exposure to modern science, you are probably also … Continue reading

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Wishing I Was Still Out West

My family and I just took a trip to Colorado. This was the second time I visited the Rocky Mountain area and it was just as incredible as the first. My first trip, two summers ago, landed me in New … Continue reading

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Keeping Up With Cthulu

    I remember the first time I ever came face to face with Cthulu. He was a very weird looking guy. He was very big, maybe 100 meters high, rising out of the ocean, his scaly skin covered with … Continue reading

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Shopping for College

Along with many, many other rising seniors, I have begun the search for a college that I will attend in the fall of 2013. Five years ago, I watched my older brother struggle through this decision and wondered what the … Continue reading

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“Phoenix” teaser

Within the next month, Seattle’s The Classic Crime will be releasing their fourth studio album, titled “Phoenix.” Having fallen in love with their music from “Albatross” to “Vagabonds,” I was nothing short of excited to hear of a new release. … Continue reading

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“A great book is a great book.”

That’s what Kristin Cashore told the NYTimes in an interview printed on July 8th this year.  When she told the NYTimes that, she was talking about distinguishing between adult novels and young adult novels, and why a book, if it … Continue reading

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Feeding on Intelligent Thought

Skeptical of human rights, especially if you talk to the aliens.   I don’t talk to aliens; I don’t want to die.   I don’t want to die; I don’t want to think.   Usually, one thinks before one dies; … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Dickens;

[Explanation: As a followup to this post, I’m reviewing A Tale of Two Cities, which I finally finished, in the format of a letter to the author, Charles Dickens himself.  Enjoy!] 25 July 2012 Dear Mr. Charles Dickens; Hello to you, … Continue reading

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The fault in this book

Published this year, “The Fault in Our Stars” is a romance with a little bit of comedy. The protagonist, Hazel, is a sixteen-year-old girl living with a terminal illness, but when she meets Augustus Waters, a super sexy boy who … Continue reading

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