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School Daze

There is always a hype lead-up to the first day of school. Like waiting eight weeks to get your schedule and then finding out none of your friends are in lunch. And shopping for that perfect outfit that says, “I … Continue reading

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Next generation of Penn State

Tomorrow I am heading up to the first Penn State home football game of the season. Although tomorrow I am going as nothing other than a Nittany Lion fan, with the loss of players, NCAA sanctions, and the entrance of new … Continue reading

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Little bits of humor

“How are your classes so far?” It’s a question teens probably hear frequently from their friends and family at the beginning of a new school year. I know I do. But for me, the school experience is less about the … Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Tokyo Boppers (Part 3)

Gahh, this girl I found is so cute!  She has some seriously smashing boyish fashion and gahhh she is so cute! SMASHING, I say. Bottoms up!  I’m starting with her shoes.  They are called creepers, and Teen Vogue claims that they … Continue reading

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Pogo Sticking is Still Going Strong.

Heading back to the world of extreme pogo sticking! Pogopalooza 9 just wrapped up in Costa Mesa California with many athletes setting new world records and taking XPogo to a whole new level. Next summer, the tenth Pogopalooza will take … Continue reading

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The Campaign

Last week I saw “The Campaign” one evening on my college tour in OH.  “The Campaign” stars Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell as two North Carolinians who are both running for Congress. The movie quickly devolves from a slightly silly … Continue reading

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The James Project

As we are thrown out of the relaxing, do-as-you-please mind set of summer and instantly placed in the busy, stressful environment of school, I have looked back on this summer’s events. All in all, I had a great summer, and … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to the JoePa Legacy

  Back in November, 2011, the story broke about the Penn State child-abuse scandal. At first, it seemed Jerry Sandusky was the only one to blame, but the story, as stories usually do, got bigger. Sandusky was like a bomb, … Continue reading

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Five Things I Adored In China

I recently came back from a three-week tour around China. We visited Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Dapeng and various parts of Guangzhou. It was an exciting time. Not all of it was ideal, but I nevertheless learned so much and … Continue reading

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“Probably American.”

In the miserably congested Hong Kong subway, I towered over two young girls next to me. They chattered away with each other in their native tongue of Cantonese. I was shouting across the subway car in English to my uncle … Continue reading

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