Giveaway: My Makeup and Skincare Favorites

Four of my favorite makeup products are from the brand Benefit. First is The Pore-Fessional primer is hands down my favorite primer on the market! It smooths over pores, fine lines and imperfections — making your face feel smooth and keeping your makeup on much longer then most primers. Second is Benetint, a rose lip and cheek stain made from roses. It is waterproof and smells amazing! Benetint gives your cheeks a natural blush. Third is High-beam which is liquid highlighter. It is perfect for smoothing on to your cheek bones, underneath your brow bone, or down the bridge of your nose. High-beam gives a subtle but glowing effect when it it catches the light. Fourth is the Bad Gal Lash mascara. This mascara is perfect for amping up your lashes! I have long, but very thin lashes and this makes them extremely thick and volumized, without becoming clumpy or spidery! In my opinion, this mascara is perfect for all lashes!

No matter what, cleaning your skin should always be a priority. My favorite skin care system is the Dermalogica Clean Start kit. It comes with a foaming cleanser, a face scrub, a morning moisturizer with spf15, a nighttime moisturizer to clear your skin while you sleep, and an allover clean toner for morning or night! Every morning and night, I wash my face with the Clean Start foaming cleanser. I use a pea-sized amount and massage it into my skin with Clarisonic (Look for a review on the Clarisonic soon!). Twice a week I follow this with the facial scrub, gently rubbing it all over my face. Then I pat my face dry with a towel. After my face is dry, I apply the All Over Clean toner and follow that with either my morning or night moisturizer. This routine is the best way for me to keep my skin clear and healthy!

These are just a few of my makeup and skincare favorites. I will be giving away the makeup items and the skin care kit to two people! If you would like to be entered, please leave a comment below telling me what kind of makeup blogs you would like to see from me in the future and whether you would like the skincare kit or the makeup items! The two winners will be chosen at random and in one week I will announce the winner on my blog. Please have your parents permission before entering because I will need your mailing address.  Good luck!

About Geron Countess

Geron Countess is a home schooled student. She plays piano, harp, violin, and studies voice. She has acted in plays and musicals that include: Our Town, Strange Bedfellows, Mulan, and Alice and wonderland. Ever since 5th grade she has been a member of the chorus and last year became a member of the Model United Nations team. At home she makes jewelry, paints, draws, and cooks. She won a silver scholastic writing award for an essay about being a vegetarian, and she received honorable mentions for 6 original poems. She also writes and produces videos for the website All Things which has a readership of over 400,000 views per month. Geron has worked as a professional makeup artist for music videos, photo shoots, theater productions, and pageants.
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24 Responses to Giveaway: My Makeup and Skincare Favorites

  1. Alan Countess says:

    Write about your awesome brother!Haha!

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  3. Rebecca Press says:

    I loved your article. I would love to win the makeup kit. I have heard of benefit makeup and have never tried them. I would love to read an article about applying makeup to give the illusion of a thinner face.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I would love to see you do some reviews on BB creams, as some people absolutely rave about them, whereas others are less inclined towards using them. Also do you have any tips on the best moisturisers to use for combination skin? I have very dry skin and therefore I have to moisturise, but I can never find a moisturiser that doesn’t make my skin really shiny or oily!
    Lastly I would love either really but probably the skin care kit more as I think caring for your skin is the first step too getting the look you want and I am always up for trying newly recommended skin care products!

  5. Chelsea W says:

    Vegan-friendly makeup posts!
    I’d love the makeup items

  6. Julie says:

    I’d love to win the makeup! I love the blog and I’d be interested in seeing some reviews on natural and organic products!

  7. Donna says:

    The make up products sound great! Id like to see more skin care tips for active teens (sports) and what products would be best to use outdoors to look natural yet protect the skin at the same time.

  8. alaine says:

    I’d LOVE the skincare kit!
    I would love to see more posts for women with sensitive skin!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  9. Iliana R says:

    I love your blog! I would love to see reviews on products for people with oily skin and acne prone. I would love to try the makeup items on this post.

  10. Marie says:

    I’d love to see articles on fun sleepover makeover recipes. I had a fun girls get together a year ago and we made interesting lip gloss flavors.

    I’d love to win the makeup package!

  11. Ann says:

    I have stress induced acne. It would be great to have an article on that (suggesting what products to use during exam time or something along those lines)
    Great job on this blog.
    It would be amazing to win the makeup. I haven’t tried those products but they sound ah-mazing!

  12. Lindsey says:

    I love hearing about funny and quirky stories. If that could somehow be incorporated that would be awesome. I love the makeup items.

  13. Claudia E says:

    Oh my, I would loveee to have the make-up products. Benefit always looks awesome when I pass by to access the cheaper side of Sephora or Ulta.

    Blog about your face routine and tips, I am in dire need of a face routine that will get me through the day without making my face an oily mess by the end of the night! Also maybe about how you choose your foundation and concealer and how you decide what matches the best with your skintone (:


  14. Selea says:

    I’m up for reading anything on here. I’m a fashion fanatic so anything on clothes and accessories would be cool. I’m also obsessed with makeup. I’d love to win it!

  15. Jessica says:

    I would like to win and recieve the makeup package! And I would love for you to do a tutorial about fall makeup!

  16. katherine d says:

    i would love to see blogs about (1) acne skin care products/makeup tips and (2) vegan and natural make up reviews

    and I would love to win these products!! :)

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. I’d love to win this contest! That would make me a happy girl, for sure :)

    I’d really love to see posts about products made with all natural ingredients, or how to make your own remedies and products at home. Also I’d love to see things about how to take care of acne/oil prone skin. & also maybe some tips on how to apply concealer & foundation to give the effect of porcelain skin.

  18. Jenna says:

    Acne tips would be great to hear about and of course the makeup package would be delightful!

  19. Dawn says:

    I think an article or blog on best colors for your skin tone or hair / eye color would be good. I’d love to win the makeup package.

  20. Julia says:

    I’d be up for reading anything on skincare. I love the makeup kit!

  21. Les says:

    Hi! I’d like to see some maybe like a super super beginner makeup tutorial? I remember when I first started wearing makeup, I had no idea what everything was, let alone what order or where to put it on my face. Or maybe recommendations for skincare? I know makeup takes a toll on one’s skin, and I wondered how to keep one’s skin clear and smooth. (for all skin types)

  22. Melissa S. says:

    I’d really like to see you post about your favorite hair products and maybe even a post or video on your own hair routine.

    I’d looove to win the makeup products! Ugh Porefessional looks so awesome.

  23. Anna M. says:

    This giveaway sounds fantastic! I would like to see a review on BB cream’s or foundation for paler people review :)
    Thankyou :)

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