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The Bayou

On the banks of a marshy inlet sits a little old house. Just one lone shanty holding the secrets of the bayou, It whispers at night to the birds of the marsh speaking of loneliness. These secrets stay suspended in … Continue reading

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Reading is Your Obligation

When I was a kid I would read. I would read. And I would read. That was just what I did, starting at age six or seven and continuing until I was at least twelve or thirteen. I was in … Continue reading

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5 things I wish I’d known before applying to college

Now that I have my acceptance letter to the college of my choice, I’ve been looking back at the whole hectic search process with a critical eye. What could I have done better? What do I wish I’d known in … Continue reading

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The Scout Movement has been around since about 1907, and went on to become massively popular worldwide. While this organization is obviously quite progressive, it involves many strict requirements and is very divided in that it only reaches younger boys … Continue reading

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ABC’s Scandal

Murder. Corruption. Relationships. Scandals. And one woman who tries to do the right thing. All of this makes up the twisted plot of ABC’s hit drama Scandal, starring actress Kerry Washington. The series follows her character, Olivia Pope, a crisis … Continue reading

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Well, It’s About Time For This…

Best movies of 2012! Most of us (well, approaching 60%) have gotten used to the whole idea of changing the fourth digit when we write our dates. At the same time, not all of 2012’s films are on DVD and … Continue reading

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Massive, unusual “foot ball” game imminent

I’m no sports expert, so you should take this with a grain of salt. But as a reporter, I believe it is my duty to inform the public of my suspicion. The signs are simply too pointed to dismiss. Within … Continue reading

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Imagine having free light. Light that has no electricity cost associated with it whatsoever, yet this magical light runs on electricity. It’s a bizarre thought. However, two British designers have done just that.  They found a way to harness two … Continue reading

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Five Reasons Why I Love Europe

In the summer of 2011, my family and I spent three months traveling Europe. We visited places in Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Holland, Norway and England. Now, nearly two years later, I can’t stop wishing I was back on that glorious … Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Are you Downton with that?

Ahh, yes, it returns. Last year I reviewed the hit show Downton Abbey, and it recently returned to telelvision for its third season in the United States. I looked up what happens, and let me say that if you are watching, you … Continue reading

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