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A pleasant surprise

If you see this store front and the perfectly crafted delicacies inside, how can you keep your hand off the door and your mouth from watering? Today, during my college visit to DC, I came across Sprinkles Cupcakes, which had … Continue reading

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Gatsby’s on Youtube (finally)

The Nick Carraway Chronicles have officially launched. In the style of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, this series of Youtube videos is retelling a classic novel– this time, The Great Gatsby, as a video diary. Check out the first video: We’ll have … Continue reading

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The Trip of a Lifetime

Words can only go so far; that is where pictures come in. Recently, I traveled to Europe for ten days and I wrote a story that will appear in the paper in August. Here is a sneak peek of our … Continue reading

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A Formal Introduction

‘Ello everyone, I’m Noah Schmitt, one of the newest members to Teen Takeover. Sorry for intros so late in the game, I’ve had no internet for a week. Before I start any articles, you should probably know who the heck I … Continue reading

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Pretty Pictures

My one-month exchange in France is almost over! Here I bring you an update of what has happened so far via photodiary (not that this photodiary is particularly comprehensive, but it is what it is). We start at Saint-Émilion, a … Continue reading

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World Boardgaming Convention 2013

Saddle up your computers and light up your Internet Beacons, folks, because the World Boardgaming Convention opens today I’ll be treating you to a semi-coherent romp through the con starting Wednesday. “But Brady!” you regular fans say. “You wrote 2,300 … Continue reading

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Why It’s Better as a Lefty

If your dominant hand is your left, then you understand the many challenges life has thrown at you. The world is a backwards place and you’re constantly having to readjust in order to keep up with the standards of right-handed … Continue reading

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Well, the lights are out and the party is over.  After two years, my time at the York Daily Record is winding down.  It’s time for me to pack my suitcase and leave town (I start attending Washington College in … Continue reading

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European Observations

I recently returned home from a trip abroad, and with me, returned a greater understanding and appreciation of the world. The minute I stepped off the plane in Charles De Gaulle airport, I knew I was in an entirely different … Continue reading

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About Eli Holloway

My name is Eli Holloway, and as a new member of the Teen Takeover staff, I would like to introduce myself to everyone.  Here are three things everyone should know about me!

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