Well, the lights are out and the party is over.  After two years, my time at the York Daily Record is winding down.  It’s time for me to pack my suitcase and leave town (I start attending Washington College in Maryland in August).  Usually I try to avoid nostalgia, but now I think I can indulge myself a little here.  It was a fulfilling experience being a member of the Teen Takeover staff, and what I learned there will stick with me for a long time.

This is the part where I show my gratitude.

Many thanks to Jess, Matt, Leigh and Ashley, my bosses and mentors.  Thank you for showing me the ropes of the journalistic jungle, always taking the time to edit my stories, and tinkering with them to make them the best that they could be.  I appreciate all your help, and I salute you all.

I also want to thank all my fellow journalists in the Teen Takeover staff.  It’s been an honor working alongside you guys.  I always enjoyed attending the meetings with you, and I really liked our bowling trip in June.  I guess our experiences make us colleagues. I’ll be sure to check the blog site regularly and see how you’re all doing.

So that’s it.  I won’t take up anymore of your time.   So, goodbye for now, and thanks for reading.

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4 Responses to Goodbye!

  1. Brady Achterberg says:

    Man, Ray, it was an honor working with you too. You’re my favorite writer on the whole TT staff, and I’m sad to see you go. Have a nice life!

  2. Hi Ray. I’m the media relations director here at Washington College, and we look forward to having you join the flock! Come see us in the Media Relations office, second floor of Bunting Hall, when you settle in. You might want to work with us as a student writer. — Kay

  3. Matt Eyer says:

    Good luck to you, Ray! It was a pleasure working with you.

  4. ray cwiklinski says:

    Thanks, Brady. I’m a big fan of your writing too. Matt- I’ll come back sometime and visit. Kay- I just might do that. I’m interested in writing for one of Washington College’s publications.

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