Natural Hair Inspiration: YouTube+Bloggers

“We don’t go ‘natural’, we return. ‘Natural’ is where it began.” -Unknown


Me wearing a natural hairstyle in May 2013.

The Natural Hair Revolution has swarmed through the black community and taken over the web with an extensive database of natural hair websites, blogs, and videos full of useful information. For the newly-natural (or those who have been natural for a while) developing a routine requires research and experimentation. But before doing something crazy to your hair or buying every product labeled “all natural,” check out some of these reliable sites and YouTube channels for ideas.

As a self-proclaimed naturalista for the past two years, I have sifted through a multitude of videos and blogging sites for hairstyle ideas and product reviews. To save you some time (and money) here are my favorites to check out:

Are you natural or transitioning? Do you have a favorite site or YouTube channel? Feel free to leave your comments below!

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