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Ignorance is not always bliss

Lately, the American political scene has been dominated by the presidential primaries, each candidate vying for a place in the Oval Office. But to get to that coveted office, he (or she) must have the approval of the American people. … Continue reading

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17-year-olds have rights too

Eighteen is often the age of promise. It signifies the beginning of adult life and many new privileges. Licenses no longer restrict 18-year-olds from driving after 11 p.m.; they can sign for their own piercing and tattoos; they can declare … Continue reading

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Two hours

Just a friendly reminder…

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“The Paper”

As an editor-in-chief of my own high school newspaper, I was quite amused to see MTV had launched their own reality-TV show following the trials and tribulations of high school journalism.

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Time to show some respect

It’s basically undeniable that politics can sometimes be dirty and crude. We often blame politicians for this, contributing their empty promises and cutthroat actions to the current state of American politics. But perhaps the sad state of politics does not … Continue reading

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Mistaken Identity a must-read

In a highly-publicized story, the story of Laura Van Ryn and Whitney Cerek unfolded to the media. Both girls were involved in a tragic car accident involving a school van of Taylor University students and a tractor trailer. What came … Continue reading

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Rambling memoir of self-pity

In her personal memoir, “Eat, Pray, Love,” Elizabeth Gilbert shares her journey through Italy, India and Bali.

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The question was do teens have short attention spans? Why do they have these short attention spans? Many of us responded with similar answers–we don’t have enough time; we have too much to do; the technological age has pushed us … Continue reading

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A sad reality

Universal healthcare is one of the heavily-debated topics of the 2008 presidential election. But, until now, it’s been one of those topics that I view apathetically. I agree it’s important, and I also have an opinion on how it should … Continue reading

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Bored? I’ve got solutions.

This is a boring time of year. Mother Nature is teasing us, sending us snow flurries one day, sunshine the next. Is it nice enough to go out? Or is it better to just stay in? Forget your weather woes, … Continue reading

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