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I am a current senior in high school, and I really like fruit. And feminism.

Love is all you need? The Movie

I came across this video that I admit made me cry. It turns the situation around for bullying of gay teens into something that hits a deeper level than just a normal anti-bullying sign. Not to mention the girl who … Continue reading

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Graduation caps: disappointment and frustration all over again

This year, I was proud to announce that Central York High School has taken gender-segregation out of its graduation ceremony–I was wrong. Annoyed with the convoluted and gender-focused organization of the ceremony, I wrote the school board a proposal paper … Continue reading

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Five sexist sayings I hear all the time

Five sexist sayings.

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Sexist Post of the Day: A meme altercation

I think I am pushing all my close friends away due to my unfortunate recent rants about sexism in everyday life. Indeed, it might be a crime to impolitely annoy my friends who don’t always want to hear a feminist … Continue reading

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Trying out new bands

When you want to check out somebody’s music, it’s annoying to browse through endless YouTube videos that don’t really showcase the artist’s best work. I found a website that allows you to listen to the artist’s 10 most popular tracks … Continue reading

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This happens when I’m bored at work

My friend and I are both hostesses at a local sports bar and grill, so sometimes, we leave notes at the hostess station for each other. One particularly quiet night, I felt creative and wrote some haikus along with my … Continue reading

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Trending: my obsession with tights

I am infatuated with tights. Sometimes they’re called pantyhose, stockings, leggings–whatever. Regardless, I love them all. I love the way they polish every outfit, keep my legs warm in the midst of a chilly autumn, and are sold in endless … Continue reading

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“If the steak if really good, you don’t put sauce on it.”

“College essays don’t really matter,” my English teacher scoffed today. “If the steak is really good, you don’t put sauce on it.”   My classmates were appalled and angrily protesting. The whole senior class is having a college-essay-writing-bonanza, and we … Continue reading

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“My Sister’s Keeper” is not a keeper

Anna was born a “designer baby.” While some parents ask their geneticists for special traits such as blonde hair or green eyes in their baby, Anna had been specifically born to have the same exact genes as her older sister, … Continue reading

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Five Things I Adored In China

I recently came back from a three-week tour around China. We visited Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Dapeng and various parts of Guangzhou. It was an exciting time. Not all of it was ideal, but I nevertheless learned so much and … Continue reading

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