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Starting Off Strong

I have been an Orioles fan for as long as I can remember. I caused a rift in our family because of being a Baltimore fan. My father is a huge Yankees fan and my mother was born in the … Continue reading

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iPhone 6? 5S?

As the weather starts to warm up, the internet is starting to warm up with rumors of what Apple’s newest iPhone will feature. Usually Apple releases a new phone sometime during June. Everyone expects that now. Rumors are flying around … Continue reading

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Kate Miller-Heidke

A few years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Ben Folds in concert. The concert was great. However, what was really amazing about the concert was the opening act, Kate Miller-Heidke. Miller-Heidke joined Ben Folds in his tour around … Continue reading

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Worst Injury in Basketball?

Just a couple hours ago, a player from University of Louisville’s Cardinals suffered one of the worst, if not the worst, basketball injuries in the history of the game. Kevin Ware, a sophomore, was contesting a shot from a Duke … Continue reading

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Pogopalooza Headed to the Big Apple

Check out XPogo’s new website,! “XPogo” is a new extreme sport based on skills using high performance pogo sticks. In the last few years, extreme Pogo has grown like crazy, receiving tons of publicity from released videos, the annual … Continue reading

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New PlayStation 4 Coming Tomorrow?

Earlier this month, Sony announced there would be a PlayStation event on February 20th. “The PlayStation 4 is coming!” was the instant online chatter.  As with much information out there on the web, guesses as to what new technology is … Continue reading

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Imagine having free light. Light that has no electricity cost associated with it whatsoever, yet this magical light runs on electricity. It’s a bizarre thought. However, two British designers have done just that.  They found a way to harness two … Continue reading

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iPad Mini

When Apple announced their newest device, the iPad Mini, many people instantly attacked the company for creating the same product, just a smaller version. Frankly, I think it is absurd to criticize Apple for this. Apple intended to create a … Continue reading

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Let it Snow!

For the past few years, the snow around York has been practically non-existent with the exception of the one massive storm last October. As a snowboarder, this state of the weather is extremely disappointing. Last year, even Roundtop, which can … Continue reading

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Finally Finished with College Applications

Two weeks ago, I submitted my final college application. It was the tenth one I submitted. I applied to so many colleges so I would have the possibility of choice next April when acceptance (or rejection) letters arrive. I found … Continue reading

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