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April = National Poetry Month

Now, I know that it’s not April yet, but it’s close enough! On April 5 and 6, YorkArts will be hosting a poetry celebration. Come out and celebrate! ALL WORKSHOPS FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! NO PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED! Continue … Continue reading

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She lies on fresh stalks of thick and pungent grasses; they cover her body. Her pink glistens. The sun rings – brings dew jewels; they fall crisply settle themselves on impregnated flesh. I am flickering inside her pale stomach I … Continue reading

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Back to school

…Break wasn’t exactly fun for me, but school isn’t either. I don’t know… I didn’t mind school, and I hope I haven’t caught any “senioritis,” but I’m really really really ready to graduate. Anyone else agree?

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Head to head… Barack and Hilary

It’s February 11… 4:42 p.m. Hilary Clinton is exactly 27 delegates ahead of Barack Obama. It’s not that many, considering the fact that the winning candidate must obtain 2,025 delegate votes and Hilary currently has 1,148 delegates.

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You are more than a test score.” This is the motto for, a Web site focused on letting college admissions counselors see more than “just a test score” from students for free. Essentially a MySpace for admissions counselors, Zinch … Continue reading

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December = Happiness

I loooooove the month of December. My birthday and Christmas are all wrapped up in the best month of the year. Some people think that having a birthday that is so close to Christmas is bad, but I have enough … Continue reading

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Scholarships, scholarships… here are some tips!

Is anyone else looking around and applying for scholarships? I got my college applications done, which was a huge relief for me… but now it seems like I’m on a new time-consuming mission–scholarship searching. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s … Continue reading

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College-stress, anyone?

I saw a blurb earlier about the stress of college applications–I can totally relate! Is anyone frantically trying to scramble together all the different parts of the application? I didn’t know it had to be such a complicated process. I … Continue reading

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Behind Time

They say “time flies when you’re having fun” but I’ve noticed, Time flies when it feels like it – usually when you wish the minutes would slowly melt away, like strawberry-ice-cream drops left by sticky-fingered children when you wish that … Continue reading

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Is anyone else feeling the full effect of school yet?

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