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Well, the lights are out and the party is over.  After two years, my time at the York Daily Record is winding down.  It’s time for me to pack my suitcase and leave town (I start attending Washington College in … Continue reading

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Riding Through Dust Clouds and Barren Wastes, Galloping Hard on the Plains

Johnny Depp seems to have acquired a taste for Westerns.   Remember “Rango”, where he gave voice to the chameleon sheriff of a small desert town?  Now, he has teamed up again with director Gore Verbinski  to make this year’s reboot … Continue reading

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Crime and Punishment in the Year 3013

Mudd and his best friend Grimsbyle stood in the middle of the Relaxation Plaza, just two in a multitude, watching the events unfold on the massive screen.   A warm wind from the east blew a fine red dust over their … Continue reading

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Have You Ever Seen the Train?

I was in the library at the time, just minding my own business, when one of the librarians rushed in and told me the news.  As quick as I could, I dashed out onto the library steps, where I stood … Continue reading

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Where’s Lex?

First of all, I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed “Man of Steel,” Superman’s latest incarnation. I give it three and a half out of four stars and thumbs up.  It’s generously packed with plenty of action and … Continue reading

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Bad Dads

Father’s Day doesn’t get much attention.  It’s usually eclipsed by the media attention lavished upon Mother’s Day.  With due respect to moms, it’s time to give the fathers their due.  So, in honor of the fathers of the world, I … Continue reading

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A Brief Celebratory Blurb

Oh yeah!  Kickstart my heart!  Shout it from the highest mountaintop: I have officially finished my final final exam today.  It was hard, but I muddled through, and I got-r-done.  Now I feel as if a great weight has been … Continue reading

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A Love of Money Combined with a Reckless Disregard for the Consequences

The emerald lawn’s grass was carelessly ripped up and a window was shattered.  LAPD officers Freddy Cantarelli and Micah O’Halloran stood at ease, taking a statement from Sid MacPhillimey, the owner of the overcompensating Beverly Hills mansion. “Did you get … Continue reading

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Steel Anniversary

Break out the fireworks!  Arrange a ticker-tape parade!  Let the cannons roar in a twenty-one gun salute!  Everyone’s favorite hero turns 75 years old today! And he’s in pretty good shape for his age.  He’s superhumanly indestructible, as a matter … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Roger

Roger Ebert is dead.  After a career spanning nearly four decades, he finally succumbed to cancer at the age of 70.  I didn’t always agree with his take on whatever film he was reviewing, but I enjoyed reading his columns … Continue reading

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