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Five books you need to read in high school

While perusing my school’s library the other day, I couldn’t help, but notice the numerous volumes of classics hidden away, and slowly, collecting dust. Bent, unloved, and shoved into the back depths of the wooden shelves, it was obvious these … Continue reading

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Trending now: Spring fashion fever

Life has once again burst open with color as the harsh winter memories slowly fade into the past. But, this promising, exuberant spring will be offering more than just flouncy flowers and freak rainstorms. Fashion, itself, has been revived during … Continue reading

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How to say things nicely

It’s no secret that the truth hurts. Most people find it is simpler to tell a white lie rather than be painfully honest with another. We often feel that we’re doing the right thing by sparing someone’s feelings. But, in … Continue reading

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The Sims 4 to be released this fall

Fourteen years ago, a generation, unlike any other on earth, was born. They laughed, cried, built careers, cheated in relationships, set fire to their stoves (several times), and died from electrocution. How exactly do we know all this? Because we … Continue reading

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Central York teacher writes out of this world stories

The story of Luke Skywalker, and his daring escapades through a galaxy far away from ours, is as much a part of American culture as baseball and hot dogs. The tales of the great hero are highly acclaimed and well … Continue reading

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How to stay organized and happy this February

  February might only be the second month in a new year, but some things never change. The same stress and worries are still attached to our minds. School, sports, work and activities only seem to grow the older we … Continue reading

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The Brighter Side to Snowy Situations

School has been cancelled once more, which means more vacation days crossed off the calendar and a summer break that is gradually diminishing as winter rages on. Pile after pile of snow is shoveled, only to have your work be … Continue reading

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Five Unusual New Years Resolutions

There’s one day left to come up with your list of the perfect New Year’s 2014 resolutions. Maybe you want the obvious goals of eating healthy, or exercising more. But, what if this year really is the time for change, … Continue reading

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Fun things to do with your pet this holiday season

From warm springtime walks, to crazy summer vacations, and fall nights by the fire, your furry companions have been by your side all year long to offer their love and affection. During this bustling holiday season, it’s important to set … Continue reading

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5 Signs You Might be a Hipster

Over the last few years, maybe you’ve noticed that your interests have changed. Your wardrobe has been swapped from sweatshirts and sneakers to cardigans and oxfords. And, you no longer wear hoods, you wear beanies. Even your music taste has … Continue reading

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