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17 things I’ve learned in 17 years

Two years ago, for my 15 birthday, I wrote a blog post about 15 things I had learned in 15 years. Today, on my 17 birthday, I found myself revisiting that old list and particularly enjoying some of the things … Continue reading

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Summer jobs at summer camp

A typical teenage summer can be comprised of lazy days relaxing pool side, hanging out with friends and de-stressing from the hectic grind of the school year. But those days spent soaking up the sun can be quickly darkened by … Continue reading

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What you need to know about the protests in Ferguson

The death of 18-year-old Michael Brown, who was unarmed when shot and killed by a Ferguson, Mo. police officer, has sparked national outcry and protests by people who believe Brown, an African-American, was killed from alleged racial discrimination These protests … Continue reading

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Top ten classic summer songs

Rock, New Age, Reggae, and Hip Hop are all words used in the universal language of music. However, there’s a certain time of year when a new category comes out to play. Encouraged by the rising of the thermostat, summer … Continue reading

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Sweet 16 birthday gift ideas

Turning 16 is a big milestone in a teenager’s life. Now, they’re allowed to get their driver’s permit, get a job and experience their first feelings of true freedom. And while the birthday guy or girl may feel pressured to … Continue reading

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Seniors share pre graduation bucket list

Graduation is fast approaching and with it comes the end of an era in a teenager’s life. No more cramming books and backpacks into minuscule lockers. No more early mornings or rushing to class to beat the bell. No more… … Continue reading

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Central York students share opinions on Hollywood’s concept of high school

High school is a kingdom of queens, kings, and jesters. It is a corrupt hierarchy that plays favors to no one, and seeks to knock everyone off their pedestals. The powerful scratch and claw their way to the throne while … Continue reading

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Raising awareness for a cause

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder caused by repeated seizures in the brain. In the United States alone, over two million adults have been diagnosed with this condition. While many people are aware of seizures and their effects, epilepsy continues to … Continue reading

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Should Central senior have been suspended for prom proposal?

When the news was announced that Nina Davuluri, the reigning Miss America, was going to be speaking at Central York High School on Thursday, students figured it would be enough to give our school a little attention. But, that turned … Continue reading

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Five books you need to read in high school

While perusing my school’s library the other day, I couldn’t help, but notice the numerous volumes of classics hidden away, and slowly, collecting dust. Bent, unloved, and shoved into the back depths of the wooden shelves, it was obvious these … Continue reading

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