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Retail store walk in love. grows customers with faith-based mission

    walk in love. began in 2005, when founder T.J. Mousetis decided to sell t-shirts with the words “walk in love” on them to raise money for a mission trip. Nearly 10 years later, it is now a thriving, profitable business … Continue reading

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QUIZ: Can you pass the class?

Pennsylvania teenagers go to school for five days a week from 7 am to about 3 pm every day. We are required to sit and soak up all the information from our classes like sponges. But with so many classes … Continue reading

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Reflection: John Legend Performs to Sold Out Crowd at the Strand Capitol

About nine years ago, my mom came to me raving over a new artist she heard about on Oprah. She wanted his CD, “Get Lifted” for her birthday and could not stop gushing about one song in particular: “Ordinary People.” “We’re … Continue reading

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Stage of Life February Writing Contest: The Spirit of the Olympics

Stage of Life is a website that offers a platform for writers of all ages, from high school to retirement, to share their work. They also provide educational resources, book recommendations, writing tips and host monthly essay contests.

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Dear Some Rappers, This Generation Deserves More

Oh wow, another rapper going on about how they get all the money, cars, clothes and…well you know the rest. While I do love hip/hop and rap music from a musical perspective, I can’t always vibe with the lyrical side. … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, etc.

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. YouTube. Vine. Tumblr. The list of various social media sites millions of people use every day goes on and on. But how has social media impacted our culture and when did it begin?

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The Most Influential Movie of 2013: Fruitvale Station with Michael B. Jordan

This year we found out how great Gatsby could be (Great Gatsby), followed Katniss as she outsmarted the Quarter Quell (Catching Fire) and floated into outer space (Gravity). But no movie made more of a statement and left a greater … Continue reading

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The Queen of Pop: Why Beyonce is the Michael Jackson of today

Drake wasn’t lying when he said, “Girls love Beyonce.” Correction: Everyone loves Beyonce, women and men alike. Queen Bey, as her fans refer to as, released her fifth, self-titled album late Thursday night, shortly after the Scandal finale, into Friday the … Continue reading

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3 Twists on Thanksgiving Traditions

Traditions are a staple on Thanksgiving: Grandma always makes the mashed potatoes. Two tables are set up, one for the ‘kids’ and one for the adults. And the men watch football as the women finish last minute cooking and setting … Continue reading

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Jane Austen in a New World

Recently, I was inspired by “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” on YouTube to read as many classic books as I can. The series is produced by the brilliant Hank Green. As I have said before, I am a HUGE Hank and … Continue reading

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