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The Five Common App Questions and Their Answers

First: The Common Application sign-up process is a torturous and Gilliam-esque bureaucratic maze that cannot be duplicated in any circle of hell. They won’t be sated until your password has at least eight characters, a capital letter, a lowercase letter, … Continue reading

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Fear and loathing at the DC Grand Prix

(Here’s the post I wrote earlier this week explaining the basics of Magic. The following post is the story of my trip to the Washington D.C. Grand Prix on June 29, attended by 1,400 competitors and promising up to $4,000 … Continue reading

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Sean Connery: History’s Hero

I’m going to just blurt it out: I loved “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. Does that make me a bad person? It’s fun, it’s crazy and it totally fits in with the rest of the series. It does … Continue reading

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The Waiting Game

As the weeks go by and the weather gets warmer (?), nothing is more agonizing than waiting for important, life-changing, news: college acceptance letters, SAT scores, scholarship opportunities, and job interviews. All of the delays may have you stressed, but … Continue reading

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Weird Dreams

You know how people say that every dream means something? Supposedly, every detail in your dream is there because your subconscious is dealing with it. If all of this is true, then what does my dream say about me? Should … Continue reading

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Black History Month: Best Old Shows

(The cast of the Cosby Show. Image from In honor of Black History Month, I would like to recognize the best shows from my childhood, which had a small part to play in who I am today. These shows taught … Continue reading

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What ever happened to good TV for young people?

At lunch, one day at school, the topic of old children’s shows came up. My friends and I couldn’t stop laughing at the programs we used to watch, and how we could still remember certain theme songs. The more I … Continue reading

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Let it Snow!

For the past few years, the snow around York has been practically non-existent with the exception of the one massive storm last October. As a snowboarder, this state of the weather is extremely disappointing. Last year, even Roundtop, which can … Continue reading

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What I Need Now is a Polar Express

I’m lying in bed, scrawling this post on a piece of paper. It’s 12:13 Christmas morning. Downstairs my parents are sticking candy canes on the tree, and shoving presents under it (no longer labeled “Santa”; none of these are explicitly … Continue reading

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Finally Finished with College Applications

Two weeks ago, I submitted my final college application. It was the tenth one I submitted. I applied to so many colleges so I would have the possibility of choice next April when acceptance (or rejection) letters arrive. I found … Continue reading

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