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Go For Fro Yo

Frozen yogurt has become the latest craze to hit the country and has put an end to the recent cupcake phenomenon. It’s out with the iced and sprinkled and in with the creamy and fruity. York County has been experiencing … Continue reading

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Central York’s iPads in the Classroom Opinion

There has been much debate in our community if whether, or not, iPads in the classroom are a good idea. Some people believe they are too much of a distraction and limits personal interaction. Others believe that it allows students … Continue reading

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Starting Off Strong

I have been an Orioles fan for as long as I can remember. I caused a rift in our family because of being a Baltimore fan. My father is a huge Yankees fan and my mother was born in the … Continue reading

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A Visit From Rohan Murphy

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a motivational speech given by Rohan Murphy at my school. Rohan is a man who had both of his legs amputated when he was young. Even though he loved sports, he couldn’t play … Continue reading

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Catching dreams

Dream catchers were first created by the Ojibwe Native American tribe and later spread, becoming a symbol of unity amidst the Indian culture. The tradition is that they protect one while sleeping and allow good dreams to filter through the … Continue reading

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What ever happened to good TV for young people?

At lunch, one day at school, the topic of old children’s shows came up. My friends and I couldn’t stop laughing at the programs we used to watch, and how we could still remember certain theme songs. The more I … Continue reading

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Let it Snow!

For the past few years, the snow around York has been practically non-existent with the exception of the one massive storm last October. As a snowboarder, this state of the weather is extremely disappointing. Last year, even Roundtop, which can … Continue reading

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The Literacy Battle Royale

I must have committed some awful ungodly sin to get the punishment I did, where I waited all through grade school for a school-sponsored spelling bee, waited expectantly for a televised hour that never came. And then, the moment I reach high school… … Continue reading

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The Last Week of Life As We Know It (or so they say)

The end of the world is coming! In just four days time, the apocalypse will be upon us. Earthquakes will shake the western coast, tsunamis will rule the sea and volcanos will erupt in a fiery blaze, or at least that’s … Continue reading

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We have a mere 21 days left, people. Supposedly. The world as we know it is supposed to end on December 21, 2012. This prediction has been made due to the fact that the Mayan Long Count Calendar suddenly ends … Continue reading

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