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Melissa Grove, owner of Sweet Melissa’s Dream, tells of her journey on Beaver Street

Melissa Grove, shop owner of Sweet Melissa’s Dreams on 38 N. Beaver St. is from a long line of market ancestors. “I come from a market family,” she said. Generations of her family held produce vendors within Central Market York. Due to her family history … Continue reading

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Wisehaven offers ideal summer jobs

Looking for a summer job is never something teenagers want to do. Unfortunately, most teenagers have to do it. But there is an answer for that problem – a job at Wisehaven Swimming Pool. “I love working at Wisehaven,” said … Continue reading

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Instriuctor inspires with love of dance

Arabesque. Grand jete. Develope. Chasse. For dance instructor Charlee Zamudio-Fidler these are just a few words that have become part of her vocabulary because of how often she uses them. Zamudio-Fidler works at the well-regarded York Area Repertoire of Dance … Continue reading

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Sweet-Smelling Job Spreads Joy

Imagine going to work and seeing every color of the rainbow. There are reds, blues, yellows, pinks, and purples of every shade and kind. Imagine the smell of a thousand fresh roses sitting right in front of your nose. That … Continue reading

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It pays to clean

If you saw Ivelina Mitranhova in the hallways at York Suburban Senior High School, you would never guess she came to the United States from Bulgaria in fourth grade. She is like any other student — trying to balance a … Continue reading

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Silver Lining the Clouds of Unemployment

Joanna Myers. Female. Age seventeen. Available to work between the hours of nine AM and nine PM. Again and again, I wrote this information, wondering each time if I might get lucky. Yet on August 27, the day before twelfth … Continue reading

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Why I Volunteer

I wrote this for a college application about how I make a difference in my community: Local communities are essential. They bond complete strangers with a commonality, building friendships and creating relationships to last a lifetime. This is why I … Continue reading

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This teen adds zest to ‘Blues’

Tabitha Covington, a senior at West York Area High School, is a waitress at Memphis Blues Barbeque . However clichéd the teenage waitress job might be, Tabitha proves that a position like hers can have as much zest as its … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block

I love to write. In fact, I would like to pursue it as a career. But at the moment I am experiencing the infamous writer’s block. It is possibly because of the amount I must write at the moment: two … Continue reading

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my job…

It’s pretty awesome, working at abercrombie…but I wish it was closer:( It’s 18 miles away, about 20-25 minutes every time I have to work. And I have these things called “call-ins”, where I have to call the store an hour … Continue reading

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