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More Than LG in LGBT+: Coming Out As Bisexual and Transgender

High school can be one of the most daunting times in a teenager’s life; the stress of schoolwork, planning for the future, and for over 10,000 of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students throughout the United States, the burden … Continue reading

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Mandatory service hours: Is it a good or bad thing?

Some student volunteers at Dover Area Community Library come because they want to give back and help out. Others might be there because their school mandated it. According to George Matthew, the supervisor and volunteer coordinator for the summer reading … Continue reading

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Five Reasons NOT to Use the Common App

As many seniors, such as myself, prepare for college, the application process proves to be stressful. While the Common Application seems like a good idea in theory (filling out only one application for all of the schools you want to … Continue reading

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Do food companies have a responsibility for the health of customers? (pro/con)

Teen writers face off on how much responsibility food companies should have for the health of consumers.

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Pro/Con: Is going to bed early really better?

Teen writers debate whether it’s best to go to bed early or stay up late.

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Today’s Fashion Trends: Likes and Dislikes

  Store windows and racks are gradually beginning to change from sweaters and jeans to shorts and swimsuits in cheery hues as winter fades into warmer weather. Fashion enthusiasts have been left to predict what the upcoming spring and summer … Continue reading

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Real vs. fake Christmas trees: Pro & Con

Which is better: a real tree or a fake tree?

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Saying Goodbye to the JoePa Legacy

  Back in November, 2011, the story broke about the Penn State child-abuse scandal. At first, it seemed Jerry Sandusky was the only one to blame, but the story, as stories usually do, got bigger. Sandusky was like a bomb, … Continue reading

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Pro: Recycling saves years of waste

By ANNIE KURZ, William Penn Senior High School Not everyone recycles. Some people start to, but they don’t stick to their pledge of recycling all of the correct plastics, tearing out the staples of their papers and collecting all of … Continue reading

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Con: Rethink recycling

By OLIVIA PURTELL, West York High School When you think about recycling, you probably have positive thoughts. It’s good to recycle: We save the environment, reuse resources, etc. But is it all good? Or are there other things about recycling … Continue reading

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