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18 People who have changed my life in 18 years

For the past couple of years, I’ve written an article on my birthday that reflects back upon the lessons I’ve discovered about life. For example, when I turned 15, I wrote about 15 anecdotes that I’d learned throughout the years. … Continue reading

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Junior Year

I am almost a month into my junior year of high school. I feel both estatic and terrified to type that. It makes me realize that I only have two more years before I go off to college. I don’t … Continue reading

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Reflection: John Legend Performs to Sold Out Crowd at the Strand Capitol

About nine years ago, my mom came to me raving over a new artist she heard about on Oprah. She wanted his CD, “Get Lifted” for her birthday and could not stop gushing about one song in particular: “Ordinary People.” “We’re … Continue reading

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How the Rain Killed Spirit

This week was spirit week for Susquehannock High School, consisting of theme days, a pep rally, a tailgate and a Homecoming football game.  However, this wonderful tropical storm decided to role in, and this happened: As a member of Student … Continue reading

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The Pros of Being Pale

Are you pale? Do you go on vacation and come back looking like a lobster? Are you the palest out of all your friends? Do people mistake you for a vampire? Is your skin covered in freckles? Do you wish … Continue reading

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Where’s Lex?

First of all, I just want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed “Man of Steel,” Superman’s latest incarnation. I give it three and a half out of four stars and thumbs up.  It’s generously packed with plenty of action and … Continue reading

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Steel Anniversary

Break out the fireworks!  Arrange a ticker-tape parade!  Let the cannons roar in a twenty-one gun salute!  Everyone’s favorite hero turns 75 years old today! And he’s in pretty good shape for his age.  He’s superhumanly indestructible, as a matter … Continue reading

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View the story “#SGRememberWhen” on Storify

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Embarrassing Moments

Have you ever done, or said, anything really embarrassing and wished that you could go back in time to change it? Or, have you had that moment where you just kick yourself for being so stupid? I know that I’ve … Continue reading

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What ever happened to good TV for young people?

At lunch, one day at school, the topic of old children’s shows came up. My friends and I couldn’t stop laughing at the programs we used to watch, and how we could still remember certain theme songs. The more I … Continue reading

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