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Recipe: How to make shoo fly pie

Try this delicious recipe for shoo fly pie.

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Jack’s Bistro – Innovative American Cuisine

What does chocolate drizzled American soul food, Indian cuisine, Scottish beer, Argentinean steak and a French technique for cooking meat all have in common? ……Not much However,  despite the the large distances separating these foods and cultures, the menu at … Continue reading

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Tis the Season: Chai Pumpkin Spice Cookies

I thought I would share this fall/Thanksgiving sounding recipe… I have yet to try it, but hope to soon. Directions: Combine the butter and sugar in the bowl of your stand mixer and cream at medium speed until fluffy, or with … Continue reading

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REAL Strawberries

Go swimming. Check. Have a cookout. Check. Pick strawberries. Check. Next Memorial Day why not try a new tradition. This past Monday my mom and I visited Barefoot Farms to pick some sensationally sweet strawberries. Even though we were picking … Continue reading

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The Cake-Pop Monster

See? When four out of five cooks are bent on causing trouble, and the other one can’t cook, you get stuff like this.

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The McRib.

Today, I finally took the plunge. I tasted a McRib from McDonald’s. For those who do not know, the McRib is a boneless rib sandwich that McDonald’s sells every once and a while for a limited time. Unfortunately, last time … Continue reading

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Dipaholics Anonymous

It seems that I have developed a bit of an addiction somewhat recently. Now, don’t be too concerned. After countless seminars, I have learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that drugs are to be said “no” to. My addiction … Continue reading

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Catastrophic hymns from yesterday, Of misery

Tonight, I went to eat at a little York restaurant called Kickin’ Kadilaks Bar & Grill. From the outside, the place does not look too special. It is small and not fabulously polished. Inside, it looks wonderful. The lighting is … Continue reading

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Tomato Pied

Well I baked one of these the other night and it is gone. Tomato pie is literally one of my favorite foods, but how could something with tomatoes and melted cheese not be? Anyway, if you have a plethora of … Continue reading

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Mi Caldero a tasty spot

Located at 605 S. George St. Suite 120, Mi Caldero Restaurant is the perfect spot to eat if you’re looking for delectable Puerto Rican food of high quality and affordable price. In addition to a menu full of authentic Puerto … Continue reading

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