The Achterbergs’ Airtight, Holistic Guide to Pest Removal

Everybody remember February? Back when the ground was brittle and the air went 20 below with windchill?

The invertebrates survived that, somehow, and they’ve got no more objections to the air so thick and still it might as well be one big can of garbanzo beans left out in the sun. Pennsylvania has become a swamp nowadays, where every stinkbug you flick out your window waves to a squadron of flies coming the other way.

How do you deal with this pestilence? After multiple summers of exploring Internet concoctions, brand name repellants and folklore remedies, our family has designed the foolproof guide to insect home security. A few choice routs:

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How to prepare for air travel

(AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)

(AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)

As summer continues and vacations with family and friends commence, you might find yourself travelling to a far (or not-so-far) away place that requires an airplane, something that many await eagerly but most people dread. Avoid stress with a little prep before your vacation.

1. Consolidate your luggage.                                                                                                       Checked baggage fees average around $25 on most flights, but you are allowed to bring a carry-on bag and a personal item which can include a (large!) purse. If you only pack a bit more than what you need, you have extra money to spend on what really matters: the experience (let’s be honest; it’s actually the food).

2. Find a map.                                                                                                                                  Obviously it isn’t productive to wander aimlessly through the airport trying to find your terminal, and the airport signs help a little. But one quick Google search can save the hassle. Search for the flight on your carrier’s website for by-the-minute updates about timing and the gate you will leave and arrive from so that right from the exit gate you know which direction to go for your connection or shuttle.

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Steve Billet and David Smith actualize their vision of Philadelphia Street: i-ron-ic

Delving away from the cookie cutter life style are Steve Billet and David Smith, owners of i-ron-ic, an eclectic antique and art shop, located at 256 W. Philadelphia St. Entering their shop is just short of an adventure with treasure at the end, from funky thrift finds and Levi jeans, to art pieces by local artists. I-ron-ic is an added splash of color to York’s Downtown.
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How students handle summer reading assignments

The promised land! Break! Freedom!

Whatever you call it, summer is the most glorious part of the year. The reason: no school. However, for some students, this break is not really a true break. Why might you ask? The two most dreaded words English teachers could come up with: summer reading.

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Sweet 16 birthday gift ideas

Turning 16 is a big milestone in a teenager’s life. Now, they’re allowed to get their driver’s permit, get a job and experience their first feelings of true freedom.

And while the birthday guy or girl may feel pressured to throw the party of the century, their guests also feel pressured to find the perfect present. Money is versatile, but not personal. Clothing is fun, but sizes and style can cause problems. The search for the perfect present may become so strenuous that it seems impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of thoughtful and original gifts out there for both guys and girls that will not only make them feel great, but impress everyone else as well.

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Outdoor programs for teenagers in York, Pa.

Summer can be a bleak and boring time for teenagers if they do not stay active. Luckily, York has a few surprises to offer to teenagers and children who are looking for a way to spend their time.


The Get Outdoors York scavenger hunt includes Rocky Ridge County Park. (Submitted)

Get Outdoors York, also known as GO York!,  is a recreational program run in conjunction with the York County Library System’s Summer Reading Program. The program is perfect for teens and kids who love the thrill of the hunt. Continue reading “Outdoor programs for teenagers in York, Pa.” »

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Fear and loathing at the DC Grand Prix

(Here’s the post I wrote earlier this week explaining the basics of Magic. The following post is the story of my trip to the Washington D.C. Grand Prix on June 29, attended by 1,400 competitors and promising up to $4,000 to the winners.  Winning is simple: use any method in the cards you’re given to send your opponent’s life down to 0, two times out of three, within a 50-minute round.)

We were just south of D.C., in a reformed Walmart padded with black tables as numerous as strands on a shag rug – tables as far as you could see, all with little markers with numbers leading from 1 to over 600.

You never realize how big a Walmart is until it stops being a Walmart, and just becomes a big gray box with hanging lights. Without the shelves to block my sight I could have imagined this place had its own celestial bodies. Perfect place to hold 1,400 weirdos (I use that term endearingly) in a fantasy battle royale.

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What You All Ought to Know About Magic: the Gathering

Friends… subscribers… confused people who found this post after Googling “flabbergasting” out to the fourth page… we are about to embark on a bold journey into the nation’s capitol… into that marble landscape which rose up so intrepidly from the Virginia swamp… we are about to lead a riotous militia of gods, giants, hydras, minotaurs, two-headed snakes and at least one starfish…

We are going, in short, to nerd out.

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Teen Takeover now accepting applications

Calling all teenagers in York County! Interested in getting your work professionally edited, and published online and in print? Having an impact on York County and beyond? Talking with other teens about issues at school and in your neighborhoods? Or reviewing the last movie you watched?

Consider joining the York Daily Record/Sunday News Teen Takeover staff. Members are responsible for writing one to two stories a month, posting to the Teen Takeover blog and attending a monthly meeting.

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YC Seniors Share Their Advice to Underclassmen

Journalism class will not be the same without these seniors.

Before York Catholic’s seniors graduated, a number of them wanted to leave behind some advice to share with the underclassmen. Surviving high school is difficult, but these seniors managed to do it and have come out on top. Now they wish to pass this advice onto others so that others can learn from their experiences. Continue reading “YC Seniors Share Their Advice to Underclassmen” »

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