Melissa Grove, owner of Sweet Melissa’s Dream, tells of her journey on Beaver Street

Melissa 001Melissa Grove, shop owner of Sweet Melissa’s Dreams on 38 N. Beaver St. is from a long line of market ancestors. “I come from a market family,” she said. Generations of her family held produce vendors within Central Market York. Due to her family history it was natural for Grove to move her business from her basement into Central Market York.

“As a child, I would come to market almost every Saturday with my grandmother,” she said. “And I always loved the market. I had a really deep love for that building.”
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How Generous are you? MercyMe’s song “The Generous Mr. Lovewell “

This weeks song features MercyMe’s  , “The Generous Mr. Lovewell .” This song describes a person who realizes how much influence they have because of the love of Jesus living inside of them. Because we have been born again, as Christians we constantly should be imitating Christ in all we do and say. To do this, we must strive to love like He loved and give like He gave. We can show Jesus to the people around us by simple things; showing Jesus to the world does not have to be an extravagant act. It is the little actions of love that make the biggest difference in someone’s life sometimes. A few lines of the song say, ” It may be a simple “how do you do” //The kind of thing that could pull them through//A minute or two can mean so much.” Although you may not see the effects of the small ways in which you reach out to other people, know that you are making a huge difference. John 13:35 says, ” By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” When you show love to others, you are being Jesus to them. Never miss out on those small opportunities you have daily to make a difference; it counts for eternity.
~ Melissa Futrell

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Artist Brenda Wintermyer brings beauty through painting to York


Brenda Wintermyer (Submitted)

Tucked away on the second floor of 22 N. Beaver St. is Just Brenda Art Studio. Upon entering the studio one is welcomed by vivid paintings lining the walls, a large window allowing natural light to flood the studio and Brenda Wintermyer, a successful artist of York, nestled away in front of an easel, paint brush in hand. Wintermyer has lived in York County her whole life and has been working as an artist in the city for the past 10 years. She said she enjoys painting the city and bringing its beauty to the eyes of its inhabitants.

“I paint York how I see it, with the beautiful colors, maybe a little bit exaggerated or a lot exaggerated,” she said.

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Five books you need to read in high school

While perusing my school’s library the other day, I couldn’t help, but notice the numerous volumes of classics hidden away, and slowly, collecting dust. Bent, unloved, and shoved into the back depths of the wooden shelves, it was obvious these books hadn’t been opened, and allowed to breath, in years. It was sad to see such beautiful tales so under appreciated, beaten out by the latest dystopian teen romance novel.

A popular book is a nice sugary treat, every now and then, but in order to maintain a healthy diet, readers must also consume stories like those of Charles Dickens and Mark Twain, too. Perhaps our society has placed so much emphasis on indulging in soft reads, that we have forgotten the importance of challenging our minds within the pages of the classics. In this time of our lives, the best thing we, as teenagers, can do for ourselves is to venture into worlds different from our own.

There is so much to be learned from the stories of characters that are permanently woven into the history of literature. They can take us on an adventure. We just have to be willing to go on the journey. Below are a list of five classic books you should start reading now.

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Daring to be different in “Divergent” by Veronica Roth

By Helen Zeidman
Red Lion Area Senior High School
In this  Aug. 8, 2013, photo, author Veronica Roth poses for a portrait in Chicago. The 25-year-old Chicagoan is author of the best-selling dystopian teen trilogy that includes "Divergent," "Insurgent" and Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013 release of the third and final book, "Allegiant." So far the series has sold 5 million copies in the U.S. Come Monday night Harry Potter-style midnight release parties are planned across the country for “Allegiant. (AP Photo/Scott Eisen)

In this Aug. 8, 2013, photo, author Veronica Roth poses for a portrait in Chicago. The 25-year-old Chicagoan is author of the best-selling dystopian teen trilogy that includes “Divergent,” “Insurgent” and Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013 release of the third and final book, “Allegiant.” So far the series has sold 5 million copies in the U.S. Come Monday night Harry Potter-style midnight release parties are planned across the country for “Allegiant. (AP Photo/Scott Eisen)

This year seems to be the year of movie adaptations of books. “The Fault in Our Stars,” “Vampire Academy,” and “The Maze Runner” are all premiering in the theaters this year. There is one more movie that I, personally, am interested in watching– “Divergent.”

“Divergent” started as a humble debut novel by Veronica Roth in 2011. Now, in a short two years, she has gotten a movie deal and a huge following for her trilogy.

“Divergent” will be in theaters on March 21, but I recommend reading the book before seeing the movie.

The book takes place in futuristic Chicago, but the city has changed drastically. There are five distinct factions that operate in the city; Abnegation, the selfless, Dauntless, the fearless, Candor, the honest, Amity, the peaceful, and Erudite, the intelligent. When citizens are sixteen, they must decide which faction they want to live in, but the faction they choose will be their home for the rest of their lives.

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Understanding the current crisis in Ukraine


Lately, the topic of international interest is the Ukraine crisis. Articles are everywhere about the revolution– the AOL homepage has been displaying the stories since early February. Continue reading “Understanding the current crisis in Ukraine” »

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Central York High School students react to SAT changes

The snow may melt slowly, but the end of the school year quickly approaches as seniors make post-high school plans and juniors prepare for senior year. An integral part of the high school process is standardize tests, specifically the SATs, which are not mandatory, but might as well be. Students generally need to submit a SAT score or ACT score for college admission.

As many juniors prepare to take the SATs, they will complete the test now knowing that revisions loom in the future. The College Board, the makers of the SAT, plan to change the test. The changes would go into effect in 2016 and will mostly affect the current freshman class and those classes after them.

Some of the changes according to the College Board include:

  • Scores will now be out of 1600 instead of 2400, for the evidence-based reading and writing portion and the math only.

  • The essay portion will be optional and receive a separate score.

  • Relevant vocabulary words will be tested instead of “words that are sometimes obscure.

  • No penalty for wrong answers will be given for wrong answers.

  • The SAT will be offered in print and on computer (at select locations).

  • Questions will now include an analysis of social studies and science documents.

  • The math section will be more concentrated on practical math and calculator use will be limited.

  • The test is shorter, about three hours without the essay.


The College Board also plans to make more resources available to every student by offering free SAT preparation and sample tests and sponsoring up to four waivers on college applications for low-income students. A sample of the new test will be available on April 16.

Students at Central York High School weighed in on the upcoming changes:

“They had to change it at some point,” said senior Chris Schmidt. “I’m kind of mad we had to take it (already), but for future generations, it’s better.”


“I think it’s stupid because everyone that already took it studied hard and now they have changed them,” said senior Jordan Ettien.


“I think it’s better.” said junior Ryan Moran, who thinks the current system puts too much pressure on people. “I think it’s smart what they are doing, but I take the test on Saturday and it’s going to be awful.”

“I’m glad they are changing them, but it’s not for another two years,” said junior Nick Swanson. “I wish they would’ve said ‘hey, we changed them’ in 2016 instead of teasing that they are going to come out.”   

“It shows how our generation is declining mentally,” said sophomore Olivia Johnson. “I feel like with the new rules people aren’t being challenged as much.”


“It’s not fair. It makes me feel like they are dumbing it down and expect less from us,” said freshman Morgan Hose.


“I’d rather take it the way it is now because I’ve started looking at colleges and what I need to get in,” said freshman Nathan Holtzinger.

The question on nearly everyone’s mind: “Are colleges going to change their standards and the significance of the test?”


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Music Monday Featuring “Let it Go” By: Tenth Avenue North


Although this song “Let it go” by Tenth Avenue North is not a new song and the album has been out for awhile now, its a great encouragement. How often do you find yourself drowning in problems that come up? How often do you feel like you are losing control of the current situation you are in? What if God has brought you to this point in your life for a reason and He just wants you to surrender to him?  The chorus of the song says “But you say let it go You say let it go You say life is waiting for the one’s who lose control You say You will be everything I need You say if I lose my life it’s then I’ll find my soul”.  This week really allow God to bring you to that place of surrender where you soften your heart and as the song says “let go”. When you let go and lose control, Jesus promises He will be all that you need, He will fulfill you and take care of you. Have faith that He holds your future and has amazing plans for you. Trust him this week and always and begin to loosen your grasp, let go and watch him transform you in ways you would have never imagined.

By: Melissa Futrell, Susquehannock High School

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York Catholic High School Performs “Beauty and the Beast”


York Catholic’s musical this year is Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” Based on the beloved children’s movie, the musical follows the timeless story of Belle and the Beast. Belle saves her father by agreeing to stay in an eerie castle with a terrifying beast. The castle is under a curse and everyone has been turned into household objects that reflect their personalities. To break the curse, the Beast must fall in love with someone. Belle is his last hope. Continue reading “York Catholic High School Performs “Beauty and the Beast”” »

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Black History: Youth In the Civil Rights Movement-Birmingham Four

Who:  14-year-old Addie Mae Collins, Cynthia Wesley and Carole Robertson and 11-year-old Denise McNair

What: Birmingham Church Bombing

When: September 15, 1963

Where: 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama

Why: One of the most racist cities in the country, Birmingham had one of the largest Klu Klux Klan (KKK) groups in the country. Because of this, racialized acts of violence were a regular occurrence. Civil Rights activist and many black people commonly convened in churches to strengthen their faith and discuss ways to protest. On this Sunday morning, a bomb set off by members of the KKK killed four innocent girls and injured several others. Martin Luther King spoke at the girls’ funeral. This tragic event garnered sympathy across the country, motivated people to keep working towards change and prompted the legislature to act.


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