Is healthy really healthy?


First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative to create a healthier America sounded like a pleasant proposal. The promotion of the food pyramid, exercise and nutrition education promised to be influential and positive changes to society. At the time, I thought to myself, who could ever have a problem with a woman trying to create a happier and more fit Nation? It turns out that just a few years later, me, and about 4,000 other students, at Central York High School could.

Within the first week of the new school year, the change in attitude within the student body became noticeably, and more often audibly, apparent within the cafeteria. There was not a single starch left that hadn’t become whole grain, nor a snack that didn’t flaunt the words ‘low fat’ across its packaging. Plus, our lunches were about thirty cents more expensive than they had been in previous years.

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Post Homecoming Ideas

The Homecoming dance just ended, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to, right? So, what do you do?

For a more traditional route you can:

  • Go to an after party
  •  Bowling
  •  Go to a friend’s house and play board games all night long ( From personal experience, this was an absolute blast)

What something more original, and unique? I polled several of my peers, “What are some cool post-homecoming ideas that will keep the fun going all night long?” These are the results: 

  •  “Go to the movies” -Kylee Dorsey, senior at William Penn High School  
  •  “Hide-n-Seek in a random store” – Alondra Espinosa, junior at William Penn High School 
  •  “Laser Tag” -Nakiyah Wilson, junior at William Penn High School
  •  “Emiliano suggested we play Man Hunt (More challenging game of Hide-n-Seek) in your Homecoming attire” -Kaliopi Orlof, junior at William Penn High School

Now whether you are more traditional, or you are up for an adventure these after-Homecoming ideas will suffice any type of person. You want to have an awesome night, and what you do will determine whether you had fun. Remember though, stay safe while having fun. Be responsible, and think before you act. Your mission that night is to have an amazing time at the dance, but to also arrive at home safely!

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Race to read ‘The Maze Runner’ by James Dashner before seeing the movie

‘The Maze Runner’ by James Dasher has recently been released in theaters, and everyone is running to see it. The action-packed trailers are pretty tempting, but I recommend reading the book before watching the movie, especially since you would be missing out on an amazing book if you only saw it in theaters.

The book starts with Thomas waking up in a box as black and empty as his drained mind. He cannot remember anything except for his first name, but that is not going to help him in the Maze. For two years, dozens of boys have been locked in the Maze and the only way to escape is to solve the pathless Maze. Every night, the Maze changes into a new passage of terrors. This is also when the murderous beasts linger in the Maze. The fragile peace that the boys have made crumbles when Thomas arrives, and he is left to put the pieces together again.

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The best of the Internet (or should I say the worst)

Let me just first say that the Internet is one of the most useful sources of knowledge there is. We as a society have built something that that allows us to have the knowledge of the universe right at our fingertips. And do you know what we do with it?

We look up pictures of cats in funny costumes and Facebook. But even if you think that this is the worst the world wide web can offer you, well then do I have a thing or two to show you. After a whole day of “research” (and a lot of time wasted on Procatinator) I have found some of the weirdest and most useless sites ever to exist.

The first useless site I found was Ducks Are the Best, which is pretty much a site that is just ducks following your mouse around in front of a screen that changes color. There is also the site Is it Christmas Yet ,which reminds you that it isn’t that most wonderful time of the year yet: it’s very sad. But wait, there’s more than just this!

There’s also a site called Cat Bounce and I’m sure you can guess what this site is about from the name or there’s also the Blue Ball Machine, which is oddly satisfying. Here are a couple others that I found:

Koalas to the Max (which has nothing to do with koala bears)

Random Colour

Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

And there was a whole lot more. But frankly, the question I really want to know was who the heck made these sites? I mean really they are all just a waste of time!

I just can’t believe this is what has become the Internet now. Why would you need a site with just a random color or one that just has bouncing cats?

After seeing all those other useless and silly sites, you probably thought you hit rock bottom. But think again and check out this site.

If you need me, I’ll just be on Facebook looking at more pictures of cats in funny costumes.

By Noah Schmitt

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The Classiest Sports Around

Well the York Fair has come and gone and what a fair it was this year. I must say that it gets better every year, but my favorite thing has to be the horse-racing at the grandstands. This great sport, once one of the most popular and highly classy sports of the day, now in my opinion plays second-fiddle to sports like football and fuetbol (soccer). Actually more like third or maybe even fifth-fiddle. 

While maybe adults still appreciate it, most of the youth of today could care less for the highly esteemed sports of the day and we’re not just talking about horse-racing here. You could also consider Cricket, Polo, sharpshooting, boating, even dueling pistols (Granted, that one is not as popular now for good reasons)

The point is that these sports, which were so amazing in their own way, are now pushed aside by football, hockey, or baseball. Don’t get me wrong, I like baseball just as much as the next guy, but any of those old-time sports could blow away the “modern” ones with ease.

Lets take a look at polo for example. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, polo was first played in Persia (Iran) at dates given from the 6th century BC to the 1st century AD. Other authors give dates as early as the 5th century BC (or earlier). Its birthplace was Asia and authorities credit Persian Emperor Shapur II of the Sassanid dynasty of the 4th century who learned to play polo when he was seven years old. Naqsh-i Jahan Square is a polo field which was built by King Abbas I in the 17th century. Just the introduction sounds pretty awesome! Every country that plays polo has their own version of the game, making it a sport that really attracts individuality.

Or look at Cricket. Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players each on a field at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. Each team takes its turn to bat, attempting to score runs, while the other team fields. Each turn is known as an innings. Sound a little familiar? It’s basically an early version of Baseball.

So if you ask me the sports of old are just as good as the sports of today or maybe even better.

By Noah Schmitt


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York County teens share their favorite songs

For many teenagers in the 21st century, music seems to be the centerpiece of their lives. It’s what they live and breathe; what gets them through the hard times and makes them even happier in the good times. Music has the unique capability to change a mood in seconds, and many people use that to their advantage.

The problem that sometimes comes into play when listening to music 24/7 is that dreaded nightmare of getting tired of your favorite song after listening to it for countless hours on repeat. If that happens enough, you might find yourself on one of those underground music sites with all the local bands that haven’t quite made it yet, or maybe you’ll be browsing Amazon or iTunes- BOTH of which contain free music sections.

Maybe that’s your thing: browsing through thousands of bands and millions of songs until you find that one perfect song. But wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had someone to…recommend music for  you?

When I asked teens the question of what their favorite song was and why, these are some of the answers I got.


“‘Happy’. People can dance to it and everyone is smiling when they’re listening to it.” -Brandi Dieter, 18.

“Right now, ‘Hakuna Matata,’ because it’s my senior year and I have no worries!” – Katie Himes, 18.

“‘Who Run the World’ by Beyonce because it shows that girls can rule the world for just one day and teaches a valuable lesson in that song.” -Alexis Arugnes, 17.

“‘Breakeven’ by The Script ’cause no matter what mood I’m in I can somehow relate to it. It’s a break up song, but I loved it before I got into relationships, during the relationships, and after they ended.” -Sara Mardis, 16.


“Recently, I’ve been into ‘New Flame’ by Chris Brown. First, because I’m a really big Chris Brown fan. The collab with Usher and Rick Ross was a good idea. It’s so cool.” – Todd Opondo, 16.


“Recently I have been fixated on this song ‘Hey’ by Pixies. They’re an ’80s progressive rock band. Their music is kind of hardcore and awesome! The bass line is simplistic and groovy, and it has a sweet guitar part!” -Oseas Gonzalez, 15.

“I’d have to say ‘Here Comes the Sun’ by The Beatles. It’s optimistic and it inspires me.” -Hope Weidemann, 14.

“I really like ‘Chasing Cars.’ It’s a song I can really connect to. It calms me down…It’s also what I listen to when I feel down. A friend showed it to me and told me it sounded so much like me.” -Leanys Del Valle, 15.


“I’d have to say ‘Never Again.’ It’s a song on the Season 2 soundtrack of Arrow. It’s full of action and has a lot of different instruments. It’s got so many unique parts…It’s just fantastic!” -Bailey MacDonald, 16.

“‘Sandstorm’ by Darude. It’s very vanguard and it started a revolution.” -Jeff Klinedinst, 18.


“I like ‘You Can’t Stop Me’, ’cause people can’t stop me from doing what I want to do.” -Emily Lopez, 15.

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Post your #yorkhomecoming photos on Instagram

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An AP Student’s Tips to Managing Stress

There are seven words that seem to appear in defense of nearly every class, extracurricular and other activity a high school student does throughout their four years: “It looks good on a college application!”

Whenever these words appear in high school, most college-bound students find themselves drawn to join an organization without pausing to truly consider the responsibility such an obligation demands. Alternatively, some students do consider the high demands of such activities but simply join regardless, hoping to perhaps better appeal to their dream college through stellar applications. Still, many high school students often find themselves pulled between countless responsibilities in a limited amount of time, resulting in a high and unneeded amount of stress.

Destiny Eisenhour, a junior at Northeastern High School is no newcomer to the stress of high school. Since her freshman year, Eisenhour has been taking honors and other advanced courses as well as being involved with numerous extracurricular obligations.

For the fall semester, Eisenhour is enrolled in applied music, health, honors chemistry, AP Environmental Science and AP Language and Composition.

Her hardest class is her AP Language course, says Eisenhour. “It is a year-round course, which I like. I do really like English and having it year-round really spreads out the workload. I get less work at a time but it is still a really stressful class because it is an AP.”

In addition to her classes, Eisenhour is also involved in a number of extracurriculars including marching band, concert band, orchestra, brass choir, jazz band, quiz bowl, Envirothon, student government, Future Business Leaders of America, book club, art and literature magazine and a peer tutoring program. She is also the student secretary of her class.

Marching time consumes the majority of her time among her extracurriculars. “I’m at marching band anywhere from 14 to 20 hours a week,” states Eisenhour.

Eisenhour also works part-time at a local pizzeria, Angelo’s Pizza. “I work a twenty hour week. Six of my hours are during the school week and then fourteen more during the weekend,” says Eisenhour. “It’s not too bad though; I can do most of my homework when work is slow.”

So how do students manage it all?

Kayli Rentzel, a Northeastern junior in dual enrollment at both the high school and the Penn State York college campus, states that she tries to work ahead and get everything done in advance for her classes. “I try to use all my time wisely,” says Rentzel. “If I have extra time in class, I’ll work on my homework. When I’m not at college, I go to the school library to work with no distractions.”

It is also important to focus in class to make work outside of school easier. “I pay attention to the professors and make sure my notes are simple and in my own words so I can understand them,” says Rentzel. “Outside of class, I make flash cards from my notes to study.”

Eisenhour recommends a “rest day,” a day of the week dedicated to relaxation from an otherwise strenuous schedule. For Eisenhour, Wednesdays are the day when she can just simply relax with no extracurriculars and usually minimal homework. “Without Wednesdays, I’d be a train wreck,” she laughs.


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The Science of Morning Routines

In Rebecca Black’s notorious song “Friday”, Black sings in a monotonic voice that at 7 a.m. she wakes up. She must freshen up and then go downstairs to have a bowl of cereal. After rushing around while time passes quickly, she gets to the bus stop. There, she sees her friends and must then make the hard decision of which seat she can take in the car.

Black’s song describes her morning routine in severe detail. Everything, it seems, is down to a science. In order to make it to school on time, everything must be performed to a certain degree of efficiency, just as is the case in scientific experiments.

Black isn’t the only one who has boiled down her mornings to a science. Several Northeastern high schoolers have done just the same.

Laney Seifert, freshman:

“I get up at 5:30 every morning. Well, that’s when my alarm goes off. I sleep for 15 more minutes and then I actually get up. I shower for about 30 minutes; it takes me so long because I normally get on my phone and goof off. Then, I brush my teeth and go downstairs to eat breakfast. This entire time, my hair is in a towel. When I go back upstairs, I do my makeup. Then, I take my hair out of the towel and do my hair. After that, I get dressed. That takes about 30 minutes. After all that, I’m ready.”

Martha Carroll, senior:

“I set my alarm for six in the morning, but after I wake up, I normally just sit on my bed for five minutes to prepare myself and get my mind together. After that, I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Then, I put on makeup and get dressed. I then get something to eat before school and make sure my bags are ready.”

Hailey Reifsnyder, freshman:

“Whenever my alarm goes off, I always set fifteen more minutes before I actually get up. I normally put on a sweatshirt in the mornings too or else I get cold. I then go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and hair. Then, I put on mascara. After that, I grab my field hockey bag and bookbag. I usually also get a waffle to eat on the way to the bus.”

Unfortunately, the science of morning routines is not often credited as real science to the school administration. It can’t help you to exempt from taking a yearly science class and it can’t help with gaining some extra credit for any of your science classes. However, it can help you get to school on time where you can blow up a few chemicals in chemistry or dissect some frogs in biology and that seems like a pretty cool trade-off.



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The Cilantro Divide

Imagine a world in which a single herb is so hated, the faults of the world are blamed on its existence. In this world, people would form coalitions against the herb itself, denouncing it to be an abomination to society.

This world doesn’t need to be imagined, however. We’re living in it.

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