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Young adult author encourages aspiring writers

“We need people interested in writing our history.” Wendy Garman, manager of the Mount Wolf Elementary cafeteria, is the author of the book “No Regrets,” published in May of 2014. Recently, I had the chance to sit down with her … Continue reading

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How students handle summer reading assignments

The promised land! Break! Freedom! Whatever you call it, summer is the most glorious part of the year. The reason: no school. However, for some students, this break is not really a true break. Why might you ask? The two … Continue reading

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Campaigning for greater diversity in today’s literature

If it is not acceptable to judge a book by its cover, why can we judge the book by the author’s or characters’ backgrounds? Authors, illustrators and book lovers are addressing a serious issue in today’s writing this month — … Continue reading

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Spinoffs of Shakespeare’s classic ‘Romeo and Juliet’

Recently, I have discovered the wonder, and evil, that plagues every high school student– Shakespeare. Normally, I would consider myself advanced in English class, but Shakespeare’s never-ending soliloquies weave a fog around my brain that is practically impossible to clear. … Continue reading

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Central York teacher writes out of this world stories

The story of Luke Skywalker, and his daring escapades through a galaxy far away from ours, is as much a part of American culture as baseball and hot dogs. The tales of the great hero are highly acclaimed and well … Continue reading

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Friday Book Club: Beginnings

Hello all, Maddie here! The Friday Book Club is a new, every-other-Friday feature that starts today! I have abandoned Fashion Friday for something that, while it might be slightly more academic, is, in my mind, no less fun. Today, we … Continue reading

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Calling all fangirls: Books coming in 2014

In recent years, a new epidemic has taken off — fangirling. Crowds of girls and boys alike have been discovered obsessing over bands, TV shows, movies and most importantly, books. Some of these fans have waited for years to satisfy … Continue reading

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Jane Austen in a New World

Recently, I was inspired by “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries” on YouTube to read as many classic books as I can. The series is produced by the brilliant Hank Green. As I have said before, I am a HUGE Hank and … Continue reading

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How to be a Fan Girl

Being a fan girl isn’t about having hand-decorated T-shirts or walls lined with worn posters. In fact, fan girls are very misunderstood, considering this is the common stereotype they receive. People don’t understand the pain one must go through. Fan … Continue reading

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Looking for a Goodread?

Do you already feel like you are out of good books and yet summer is just beginning? Goodreads.com can help you with that. Not only can you get book recommendations based on your tastes and past reads, but you can … Continue reading

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