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Fall Fashion Trends: Do teens agree with the experts?

Do fashion magazines and clothing stores really know what teens like? School is back in session and the “newest trends of the season” are being advertised everywhere you look. This year they predict that various styles from the ‘50’s through the … Continue reading

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Red Lion hosts their second annual formal fashion fair May 9

Dresses dominate the Student Council storage room at Red Lion Area Senior High School. Dozens of cardboard boxes overflowing with lace, sequins, tulle, and satin are stacked on top of each other throughout the room. Every color of the rainbow … Continue reading

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Origami Owl is the New Charm Bracelet

Remember when charm bracelets were the “it” jewelry to have? Origami Owl is the new version of charm bracelets. Instead of being a bracelet, Origami Owl is a necklace that you can customize according to your tastes. There are hundreds … Continue reading

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Trending now: Spring fashion fever

Life has once again burst open with color as the harsh winter memories slowly fade into the past. But, this promising, exuberant spring will be offering more than just flouncy flowers and freak rainstorms. Fashion, itself, has been revived during … Continue reading

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Five of my favorite Instagram accounts

@collegeprepster  A Georgetown graduate living in New York City and blogging about fashion, food, and day-to-day living, Carly Heitlinger, “The College Prepster,” is someone I would love to be friends with and her closet is I would love to have. … Continue reading

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The Pros of Being Pale

Are you pale? Do you go on vacation and come back looking like a lobster? Are you the palest out of all your friends? Do people mistake you for a vampire? Is your skin covered in freckles? Do you wish … Continue reading

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Website review of Polyvore

Review by SARAH CRAWFORD, Central York High School Facebook is for the socially inclined, Instagram is a photographer’s paradise and YouTube gives future directors a great head start in film making. But, there seems to be a lack of websites … Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Get with Gatsby

My love for 1920s fashion will not be contained– nor will my love for everything Gatsby. I bring you with all my heart a collection of Gatsby-esque clothing: I hope you drown in Daisy Buchanan today. Drowning in Daisy by … Continue reading

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Fashion Friday: Dear world, I DON’T CARE

There are days when you want to go out of the house telling the world that you really don’t care what it thinks or what judgments it makes on you. Technically, by advising you on what to wear on these days, I … Continue reading

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Today’s Fashion Trends: Likes and Dislikes

  Store windows and racks are gradually beginning to change from sweaters and jeans to shorts and swimsuits in cheery hues as winter fades into warmer weather. Fashion enthusiasts have been left to predict what the upcoming spring and summer … Continue reading

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