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Trending now: Spring fashion fever

Life has once again burst open with color as the harsh winter memories slowly fade into the past. But, this promising, exuberant spring will be offering more than just flouncy flowers and freak rainstorms. Fashion, itself, has been revived during … Continue reading

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How to say things nicely

It’s no secret that the truth hurts. Most people find it is simpler to tell a white lie rather than be painfully honest with another. We often feel that we’re doing the right thing by sparing someone’s feelings. But, in … Continue reading

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Sock Bun Surge

This past week there has been a dramatic increase in the popularity of sock buns in my school. A sock bun is a DIY step up from a regular bun and you use a sock to create it. Here are … Continue reading

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How To Procrastinate

I’ll fill this in tomorrow. That’s how it’s done folks!

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