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1837 York Newspaper “Takes the Cake”

Among the marriages announced in an April 1837 York newspaper was that of David B. Prince and Elizabeth Sandoe, on April 6th. The editors remarked that “accompanying this notice was a liberal slice of the most delicious pound cake for … Continue reading

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North, South, East, West–Where Are These York Streets?

East Street, 1903 Like many cities, York, Pennsylvania has a street named for each direction of the compass. I must admit, though, I had to look at a current atlas to find East Street, even though I go by it … Continue reading

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York Woman Tells of Panic in Hanover

Henrietta Stroman was born in York, Pennsylvania on August 26, 1830, the daughter of Henry Stroman. At the age of 24 she married Daniel F. Stair and moved across York County to Hanover. He was probably the Daniel F. Stair … Continue reading

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Wine Making Goes Back a Long Way in York County

William Wagner drawing of Newberry St. at Philadelphia St. Buildings in background at Upp vineyard, now Farquhar Park.</ I posted a couple of blogs lately on brewers in 19th century York County. That fits right in with the majority of … Continue reading

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Artificers Recruited at York

Just as today, during the Revolutionary War the Army needed a lot more than men who could shoot a rifle. An Army can’t function without support–personnel that gathers the supplies, feeds the soldiers, and keeps the equipment running. The following … Continue reading

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Crime Pays in York County

William Wagner Drawing of 1830 York County Courthouse. I’m certainly not advocating crime, but when you think of it, salaries for all those policemen, jailers, judges, and attorneys do add to the economy. Building and upkeep of the prisons and … Continue reading

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How Did You Get Out of York Before Railroads?

You rode a horse or took the stage. Mention stagecoach and the first picture that comes to my mind is the old west with Indians or robbers chasing the stage–too many John Wayne movies in my childhood. We easterners travelled … Continue reading

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You Could Get There From York County

Dr. William Bigler stars in one of my favorite examples of how easy it was to get just about anywhere from here with the public transportation of over a century ago. At 2:30 p.m. February 5, 1890, Dr. Bigler simply … Continue reading

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York County Cabinet Makers–Chairs to Coffins

1842 Strack Furniture ad From the early days furniture makers prospered in Pennsylvania. A variety of sturdy woods were available and local craftsmen had the skills to fashion them into pleasingly utilitarian pieces. Charles Strack of York regularly ran the … Continue reading

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The Barnitz York and Baltimore Brewing Dynasty

I was asked, in response to my recent post about the Barnitz brewers of York, if they were related to brewer J. C. Barnitz of Harrisburg. Click here to read about the York brewers. Good question, and the answer is … Continue reading

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