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Hanover Furniture Company Has Roots in Haiti

A.L. Benford at J.A. Renaut Furniture, c.1914 I recently came across two April 1982 newspaper clippings at York County Heritage Trust on Benford’s Furniture in Hanover. The articles were from the Hanover Evening Sun and the York Sunday News. Benford’s … Continue reading

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York’s First Photographer–William Wagner, 1845

Daguerreotype of William Wagner In I recent post on multi-talented Yorker William Wagner, I mentioned that besides being a nationally known engraver and maker of seals, artist, banker, and municipal officer, Wagner was York’s first known resident photographer. In 1845 … Continue reading

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Country Doctors Treated Many Ills in 19th Century York County

Sarah Bigler Porter and Benjamin Franklin Porter How would you like to pay your medical bills by trading goods or services? That was a fairly common practice with 19th century country doctors and their patients. For example: In 1882 George … Continue reading

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William Wagner–York’s Renaissance Man

Marriage Certificate–Engraving by William Waqner Perhaps some of you have marriage certificates that came down through your family similar to the one above. They were created by the multi-talented Yorker, William Wagner (1800-1869). Wagner was a nationally known engraver and … Continue reading

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Yorkers Could Dye Yarn a Rainbow of Colors in 1829

My last two posts were on Seifert the blue dyer, one on the blue dyeing craft and the other on his unruly children. My excursion into 19th century dyeing methods was sparked by the ad above, from the June 23, … Continue reading

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More on Lewis Miller’s Blue Dyer

As I indicated in my recent post on Lewis Miller’s drawing of the Seifert family, there is more going on here than just the very early depiction of an American Christmas tree. That post addressed why a blue dyer was … Continue reading

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What Is a Blue Dyer?

The Lewis Miller drawing above is often seen around Christmas. It is said to be one of the first known American depictions of a Christmas tree. As with many of Miller’s illustrations of York County Life in the first half … Continue reading

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