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York County newspapers have different views of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

If you think news coverage is slanted and Democrats and Republicans are at odds today, you should have been around during the Civil War. My recent York Sunday News column below compares the coverage given the speakers at the November … Continue reading

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James Smith’s gravestone first masterpiece of Emanuel King, York monument maker

A few months ago I wrote about what was probably Declaration of Independence signer James Smith’s original gravestone. A newspaper clipping from 1887 said it had been found in a basement in South George Street. The present location is unknown. … Continue reading

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Adventures of a York County native

A few months ago I did a post on Henry Smeych, who claimed to have captured John Wilkes Booth’s horse on which Booth escaped after assassinating President Lincoln. At 87, Smeych, born in Chanceford Township in October 1837, talked at … Continue reading

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What is wrong with this York tombstone?

Dr. Benjamin Hoover and his committee have been very busy researching all aspects of the history of York’s First Presbyterian Church in celebration of the congregation’s 250th anniversary. They have made some interesting finds, such as the unusual date on … Continue reading

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Where is James Smith’s original gravestone?

Does anyone know what happened to the original tombstone of James Smith, York’s Signer of the Declaration of Independence? Not the fancy one shown above, which was put up in 1850. It replaced an earlier stone, which was last seen … Continue reading

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Garden cemeteries come to York County

Why aren’t some of the gravestones in the cemetery between Canadochly Lutheran Church and Canadochly Reformed Church in Lower Windsor Township lined up in straight rows like those in the rest of the cemetery? The answer seems to be connected … Continue reading

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Heritage of York County African American Cemeteries

Settlement patterns can be determined by what those who went before us left behind. Cemeteries offer many clues. The surnames on the headstones and the denomination of the churches with which the graveyards were affiliated point to the ethnic background … Continue reading

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York County Cemetery Records Go Back to the 18th Century

St. Luke Lutheran cemetery ca.1900 I’m on the Cemetery Committee at my church, St. Luke’s Lutheran in Chanceford Township, where both my husband’s family and mine go back over 200 years. The cemetery was one of about 500 cemeteries in … Continue reading

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More on Disappearing York County Cemeteries

Subscribers for a cemetery fence in Spring Garden Township Blake Stough recently shared the above image of a document he had purchased on eBay some time ago. It lists subscribers for a fence to be built around “the old burial … Continue reading

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Your Final Resting Place Might Not Be Final

Over the years quite a few cemeteries in York County have been built over, paved over or plowed over. Sometimes the inhabitants have been moved to another cemetery, sometimes not. There have been various laws passed over the years in … Continue reading

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