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Modern nursing education owes much to rural York County’s Florence Gipe

Dr. Florence Gipe was a very interesting woman. She was a pioneer in modern nursing education and also deeply interested in York County History and Civil War history. I only met Dr. Gipe once, even though she was a childhood … Continue reading

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Potato roots run deep in York County

The Potato Association of America says Americans eat more than 41 billion pounds of potatoes a year. An article in the York Daily Record a few days ago indicated that new techniques and varieties of potatoes might help York County … Continue reading

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More rural York County news, 1894

Here are more local news items from the small towns and rural areas of York County. These are from the October 19, 1894 Delta Herald and Times, under the heading “Brogueville Items.” The correspondent, who coyly signed himself or herself … Continue reading

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Time for church picnics in York County

What comes to mind when you think of local Sunday school picnics/church picnics? There were, and still are, at least two different types, and we fondly remember the kind that we attended while we were growing up. I grew up … Continue reading

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York County native went down the Susquehanna to make his millions

What do Cecil County, Maryland’s first millionaire; the 1871 candidate for Governor of Maryland and the founder of several steamship companies have to do with a York County native? They are just a few accomplishments of Jacob Tome, born in … Continue reading

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Scots-Irish Presbyterians settled in southeastern York County.

Friends Bob and Jean Robinson recently shared these photos of New Harmony Presbyterian Church. I grew up at this church at the Brogue, and it doesn’t look a whole lot different today than it does in these views. The “lower … Continue reading

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Federal Taxes Paid by York Countians in 1815

It’s soon income tax time again. There was no federal income tax 200 years ago, but that doesn’t mean that you didn’t have to pay taxes to support the United States government. Not having strong taxing ability was one of … Continue reading

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How did they get across the wide Susquehanna when there were no bridges?

I have had several comments and questions already about my recent York Sunday News column on the 15 or more ferries that crossed the Susquehanna River at one time or another between York County and Lancaster County. Since there were … Continue reading

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York County Civil War Veterans Had to Persevere to Collect Pensions

After the Civil War ended, the battle often still wasn’t over for the soldiers or their survivors. It wasn’t easy to get the pensions they were due, and they usually had to rely on the assistance of attorneys who could … Continue reading

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Adventures of a York County native

A few months ago I did a post on Henry Smeych, who claimed to have captured John Wilkes Booth’s horse on which Booth escaped after assassinating President Lincoln. At 87, Smeych, born in Chanceford Township in October 1837, talked at … Continue reading

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