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How did they raise those big York County barns?

These photos of a barn raising crew were recently donated to the York County Heritage Trust Library/Archives. They are unidentified as to location, but are probably of the building of a York County barn. Please let me know if you … Continue reading

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York County Farming Was Very Different in 19th Century

Reapers, cutting grain or hay with scythes or sickles, were followed by young women and boys raking and stacking the harvest. York artist Henry Barratt captured Pennsylvania German life of the first half of the 19th century in the illustrations … Continue reading

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Small Family Left a Large Mark on York County

Philip A. Small examining Christian Roth’s wheat Whenever I start researching some York County history, it seems like someone from the Small family turns up. Pennsylvania German immigrant Lorentz Small settled in Windsor Township in 1743, but soon the family … Continue reading

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New Invention in Lower Windsor Township

George Anstine’s Patented Threshing Machine, 1843. I recently wrote about the blossoming of York County inventors in the mid- nineteenth century. Click here to read previous post on inventions. Read the 1843 ad below to find out just how George … Continue reading

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Many, Many Mills in York County, Pennsylvania

The Lewis Miller drawing above shows a busy King’s Mill in 1799. In a previous post I mentioned that, now and in the past, we are impressed by the biggest and the best. Sometimes, though, we must stop and wonder … Continue reading

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York County Rye & Barley = Good Beer

A few days ago I wrote about York County’s continuing love affair with the oyster. Many people will tell you that with good oysters you need good beer. Breweries abounded over the years in York, as evidenced by the following … Continue reading

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