York-Adams fans, send us your questions

One feature I’d like to try to implement on this blog on a weekly or biweekly basis is a reader mailbag, in which I answer any YAIAA-related questions from you, the readers.
And because I don’t feel like making up questions myself, I need help from all of you.
So starting now, feel free to send me any prep sports questions you can think up (preferably for the current sports season, but we’ll consider all inquiries). Or if any of you have suggestions or things that you think this blog is missing, you can email me those, too.
Send your questions to my email, jclayton@ydr.com. Include your first name and, preferably, your municipality. If all goes well, we’ll make the reader mailbag a regular thing.
And for all you Twitter users out there, make sure to follow our GameTimePA twitter account. Yours truly and others will be providing up-to-the-minute score updates, breaking news and links to stories.

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Prep sports writer at the York Daily Record/Sunday News.
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2 Responses to York-Adams fans, send us your questions

  1. Please put one of the Eastern York boys basketball games on to watch the replay please. Either Ey at Dallastown or EY at GreenCastle Antrim please. Ive been waiting for these complete video games to get put on here so I can watch them, a lot of people have been wondering the same!!!!

  2. Sheldon Frantz says:

    Why isn’t there more coverage for high school diving? My daughter rebroke her freshmen 6 dive record at Dover last night and all we here is swim swim swim. Nothing about the divers.

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