Updated YAIAA boys’ basketball scoring list

In honor of Andrew Nicholas becoming the YAIAA all-time leading scorer on Wednesday, I figured I’d post the updated list of the league’s leading scorers.
Worth noting that three players in the Top 10 are seniors this year: Nicholas, Austin Tillotson and Four McGlynn. That speaks volumes to just how strong this senior class is.
Another interesting note: Nicholas broke Jacob Iati’s scoring record, despite the fact that he’s actually played 10 fewer games so far in his career than Iati did. Nicholas has started every single one of the 117 varsity games he’s played in, and has averaged 20.4 points per game in his career.
YAIAA boys’ career scoring list
1. Andrew Nicholas, 2011, Eastern York, 2,391*
2. Jacob Iati, 2008, York Catholic, 2,388
3. Adam Miller, 1993, Kennard-Dale, 2,236
4. Jon Iati, 2003, York Catholic, 2,216
5. Brian Pearl, 1991, York Catholic, 2,175
6. Levi Winters, 2003, Northeastern, 1,921
7. Austin Tillotson, 2011, Eastern York, 1,776*
8. Four McGlynn, 2011, Dallastown, 1,755*
9. Jonathan Raab, 1988, Eastern York, 1,680
10. Jared Smith, 1993, Spring Grove, 1,676
* — player is still active

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2 Responses to Updated YAIAA boys’ basketball scoring list

  1. Eastern Mom says:

    You also have to consider that Andrew has had Austin by his side his entire career, who is on the list. Not to discredit either of them, but you have to consider what they could have each done with out the other, or did they do it because of each other?

  2. Dallastown Mom says:

    Four is the leading Quad A scorer all time. That is very impressive considering he is playing Quad A basketball and has done so with alot less games than the others. The other young man Iatti I would sort of compare to him – due to the double teaming he has endured throughout his career. Great accomplishment.

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